Well, surely I’m no lower than #48,037,298

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Well, the list of top ten YouTube videos for 2010 is out.  It looks like the Friday Night Greetings videos I make each week for my congregations did not make the list.  Go figure. 🙂

Who did? Check out the list, yourself: “ABCNews/GMA: Top YouTube Videos of 2010” (As always when you wander from the warm, fuzzy confines of the blog: Let the surfer beware.)  I suppose that if Justin Bieber had been wearing Old Spice during his sixth grade talent show duet with Lady Gaga while viewing a double rainbow and surrounded by an elaborate Rube Goldberg employing various talking fruit then the world would have come to an end.  (Is there an eighth seal in the book of Revelation that mentions any of this?)

Any resulting comments on what you think this list of videos says about our culture, if anything, are welcome below.

2 thoughts on “Well, surely I’m no lower than #48,037,298

  1. Thomas

    As an antidote to the mindless stuff check out the Church’s fledgling current affairs podcast at http://www.headsupshow.org/

    Dr. Meredith was the guest speaker on the first program discussing ‘Governments in Turmoil’. Dr. Scott Winnail was the guest on the second show that has just come out discussing ‘South American Regionalization’.

    Once they really get going and add video and graphics etc. it would be a prime candidate for youtube, if only as an antidote (The Telecast, of course, is already there). Personally, I think this is an exciting development, praying for its success and impact.

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