Snow Lessons #1

Yesterday’s visiting around Salem, Ohio was quite an adventure! The major highways were fine, but eventually Highway 30 was officially “not fine” and the roads after that were downright snowy, slick, and spooky. For this Texas boy, all this white stuff is mighty strange, and not the best for driving…

Still, we arrived at our intended destination, where Mr. Hagmaier promptly climbed out of the car to stomp around in the snow searching for the driveway (versus the ditch). Unlike the 2-3 inches we had around our house in Cincinnati, Salem looked like it got around 6 or more, and the drifts were even higher.

It strikes me that if I am going to be working in all of this cold, fluffy stuff each winter for the foreseeable future, I should start writing some of the things I learn down so that I only have to “learn” them once. Here’s my first entry:

1. When visiting someone with deep snow between your parked car and their house, don’t wear pants with cuffs. They’re like little, custom-made snow-buckets.

Yep. That’s one deep lesson, huh? 🙂

Going out again, today, but hope the area around Columbus is more giant, killer snow drift free. Especially without Mr. Hagmaier around to hunt down the driveway for me…

6 thoughts on “Snow Lessons #1

  1. Dap G. Parker

    I like what i see,Hi Mr.Smith (Wally) we miss you a lot and pray you will come pay us a visit.I think you will be surprised by the growth.

  2. 13brian

    Well said and sage advice indeed. Make sure you have emergency kit (especially emergency blanket) in your vehicles, it only takes once…many places to look up what to have.

  3. Items in your winter car kit should include:

    ÿ A battery-powered radio with spare batteries (in case your car radio fails)

    ÿ A flashlight with extra batteries

    ÿ A first aid kit with a manual

    ÿ An extra blanket or two

    ÿ Extra clothing

    ÿ Booster cables are important for any time of the year, but especially in winter to restart a dead battery.

    ÿ A shovel, a box of sand or old house shingles are a must. The sand and/or shingles will give tires needed traction to get out of a snow pile and back on the road.

    ÿ Anyone who travels with children knows the importance of having snacks and drinking water on long trips. If you store snacks in the car trunk now, they will be handy if you get caught in a storm. Drinking water may freeze in the trunk, but could be stored on the floor of the backseat of your car before your trip.

    Get prepared this winter is to be a bad one…as predicted.

  4. Linda Patterson

    I think that you are enjoying this experience with the snow. Sounds like fun. Good thing to do if you are in a place where there is snow like that, boots, the ones you step into and out of at a door. You might have to get them bigger than your shoes but it works. Just slide shoe and all into a rubber boot. In the mean time keep the learning lessons coming. The way everything is changing the south might need the lessons.
    I enjoyed this, I still think you are enjoying the snow.

  5. Norbert

    Sometimes when a vehicle gets stuck in the snow where the sand and shingles are not enough to do the job. It still may not be all that bad, depending how severly and where it is stuck. In my experience such an incident usually turns into a mini social gathering, where neighbors and strangers freely offer a helping push.

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