We’ll miss you , Mr. Apartian

This has been on my mind all morning, but I didn’t have the words to say anything about it.  Thankfully, Mr. Meredith has come through:

Another mighty oak has fallen. Our beloved friend and brother, Evangelist Dibar Krikor Apartian, has gone to a well-earned rest. Mr. Apartian lived to 94 years of age—24 years beyond King David who died “old and full of days” at age 70. The Eternal God used Mr. Apartian to raise up the Work of God in the French language and to oversee and guide that Work for many decades. Through his ministry in the French language, through his sermons and articles in English, and through his well-known personal love and graciousness, Mr. Apartian had a wonderful impact on the lives of many thousands of people around the world.

—Roderick C. Meredith

I will note here that I think Mr. Apartian’s age is a “best guess” based on available family records since the definitive records were affected by the Armenian Genocide.

I am reminded of Mr. Apartian’s address during the 2010 Ministerial Conference, in which he said that, at his age, you understand that each such address may be your last, so he did not hold back.  His key phrase at that time? “If God says it, do it.”

He told all of us there at the conference, “You have come to the Church of God for a mission. You are not doing it–God is doing it…”  Yet, concerning those who don’t seem to grasp the magnitude of the work we’ve been called to do, he felt a sadness: “When I see the attitudes of some of the people, it breaks my heart…”  He admonished us, as well, to keep in mind the many, many out there crying out in their need, and that we can provide help in a way that no one else can.  And he told us to pray–to be thankful for all we have, instead of complaining like most Americans, and to ask God to help us devote ourselves completely to His work, in the midst of a nation, and a world, that so desperately needs it.

“If God says it, do it.”

Knowing we will see our loved ones again in the resurrection, we do not grieve in the same manner as do those who have no hope (1 Thess. 4:13), yet we do grieve, knowing that on this side of the veil we will not see them again.  Yet, we rejoice, as well, recognizing that one of us has finished his race, as Paul mentions in 2 Timothy 4:7.  If anyone has finished his race fighting the good fight and keeping the faith, it is Mr. Dibar Apartian.

6 thoughts on “We’ll miss you , Mr. Apartian

  1. Acorns

    We shall miss his pearls of wisdom and lovely sense of humour.

    He always treated everyone equally, a lovely man

  2. Sandy Mak

    Thank You Mr. Wallace for those kind words about Mr. Apartian. I love this quote; “If God says it, do it.”!

  3. Patricia

    I was very sad to hear that Mr Apartian has gone to sleep, though after a full and eventful life from what I have heard. But, as Mr Meredith said – it is a well-earned rest.
    Yours is a very beautiful and touching tribute to a much loved Servant of God and Ambassador of Jesus Christ. I am sure that he will be sorely missed.
    I will be praying for Mrs Apartian and the Apartian family.

  4. Linda Patterson

    You are so right Mr. Smith. He will be greatly missed. God seems to always take them at their peak. I only met him long enough twice to shake his hand. One day we will see not only him but all those wonderful men God has used in spreading the truth. The blink of an eye and he too shall arise. I pray that I can overcome all and serve God to the fullest of my abilities. I know full well I shall do nothing except that which He directs me do. Thank you Mr. Smith for all you do to do God’s will.

  5. Marva

    I only came to know Mr. Apartian through his service to God in his many awe inspiring sermons. The magnitude of love he had for God’s people shown through like a special light. I never actually met him, but I feel I knew him for a lifetime and he will be greatly missed. Hasten the day when we shall all meet again.

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