Popular search items: Skulls in clothes

Over the last few years of doing this blog, I’ve been surprised at what search terms routinely find their way here. I mean, sometimes it isn’t surprising, like when the so-called “Jesus Tomb” is a hot topic and you write about it (as I did here, here, here, here, and here), naturally you get traffic on that search topic. When it is a popular news item, people Google it, and they find your recent post — no surprise, there.

Image of skull from T-shirt
Such a cheery image for a seven-year-old's T-shirt!

But over the years, some topics have stood out as consistent sources of traffic, regardless of what’s popular at the moment. I’ve often thought of doing a blog series on those items. If I ever do, today’s post could be considered one of the first entries.

For some reason, the obsession with skulls in children’s clothing seems to be a consistent traffic driver.

In just the last two days, my blog has had folks click to it from searches for expressions like “skull”, “skull drawings”, “kids skull clothes”, “skull cloth”, “drawings of weird skulls”, “skull shirt”, “kids clothes store skulls”, etc.  All of them searches that found their way to my blog.  And consistently, too: such “skull” searches find their way here on a daily basis.

What post is drawing them in? Have a look yourself: “Weird ‘Skull Obsession’ for Kids’ Clothes”, posted 10/27/2009.  Several comments have been left for that one, not all of which seem to agree with my opinions.

4 thoughts on “Popular search items: Skulls in clothes

  1. Several comments have been left for that one, not all of which seem to agree with my opinions.

    Like, no kidding. 🙂 But then, there’s a biblical Proverb about what the righteous and the wicked, respectively, delight in… and I think another one about the fact they won’t see eye to eye for that reason…

  2. Linda Patterson

    Any time you put certain topics in your post or even the comentaries you can click on the blue links and come up with things that have absoloutly nothing to do with the post, blog or article, etc. at all. I clicked on one such blue lettered thing, it was a comment with God’s name in it and I had to laugh, it said found no links or something to that effect. It is like with me, I never go to any sites that have ugly content yet from time to time I get idoits for a lack of a better word who want to connect to my messenger and me and I just deny the idiots and hope that one day they will get the idea. I only associate with things I know are about God, truth. I accept those on facebook who I know are members of the church, I read mostly articles from church. I read your blog and Mr. Thiel’s cogwriter. I have no desire to put any evil before my eyes or in my hearing. You can run into too much of that stuff just working in the world. I enjoy all of your articles and the links that I follow to past articles. Thank you.

  3. Thanks, Mrs. Patterson. I put some links in my posts to other things at times (especially LCG resources or old posts of my own), but I don’t know about any such links as you describe. Is your browser adding links, perhaps?

  4. Steven Spence

    I was reading your blog, as I do each week when this topic made me remember I have a skull on a firearm I own. I recall installing it back in the day as a tongue in cheek bit of humor, …definitely a guy thing .

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