“Your child belongs to us already…”

Jugend dient dem Führer--Alle Zehnjährigen in ...
Poster reads, "Youth serves the Führer--all ten-year-olds into the Hitler Youth" (Image via Wikipedia)

I am almost done reading Peter Hitchens book The Rage Against God: How Atheism Lead Me to Faith, and as he is discussing the fanatical devotion possessed by the Communists of the Soviet Union and other godless despots when it comes to separating children from any and all ties to religion*, he gives (on p.200) this chilling quote from 11/6/1933 speech by Adolph Hitler:

“When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I say calmly, ‘Your child belongs to us already…. What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing but this new community.'”

On reading that, it hit me that this has been among Satan’s most successful approaches all along: achieve with each new generation what you could not with the previous one.  And where the children go, so goes the future.

I was reminded of a blog post that I wrote back in early 2007 that expounds on this topic in more depth than I have the time to here: “Satan’s Plan for the Family: Divide and Conquer.” Some of you might want to click through to read it.  Regardless, a comment I make at the end of that post is meant to reassure us:

“Yet, as Paul says, ‘we are not ignorant of his devices’ (2 Cor. 2:11) and knowing of your enemy’s plans is one of the crucial first steps to defeating him.”

I would hasten to add that the next step is to act on what you know.

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* Worthwhile correction noted in the Comments, below.

7 thoughts on ““Your child belongs to us already…”

  1. “and other godless despots when it comes to separating children from any and all ties to religion”

    Which Hitler did by referencing God in his speeches and giving his soldier’s belt buckles with “Gott Mit Uns” written on them…

  2. Ha! Thanks for the helpful, if snarky, adjustment, NotAScientist! True, Hitler sought to sever the ties to the religion of one’s parents, unless it served the Reich’s purposes, and true, he was godless in the sense of “wicked; evil; sinful.” In this, there was a difference with the more purely atheistic (and, ultimately, bloodier) Soviet reign in the USSR, though the approaches were disconcertingly similar. To the Nazis, religion was allowable as long as it was useful; to the Communists, religion was not to be tolerated, useful or not.

    In both cases, they realized a very practical truth: you get more ideological “bank for your buck” by aiming at children.

  3. Your post title showed up as a strange (and very short) code in my mailbox. It might as well have been “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” as the title you gave. 😀 I came here and found that you had a normal title. Go figure.

    Of course, this same tactic (it might be argued) has also been and will be used for good by God Himself. When the parents in Israel of the Exodus proved incorrigible, He chose the children to carry on after forty years’ wandering. And as we’ve often considered, in the Millennium it will be easier on the children of the survivors than the survivors to adjust to the new society and its ways.

    Like most things humans get excited about (to paraphrase C.S. Lewis’ satirical demon, Screwtape), this social aspect of gaining the children’s loyalties is, from the point of view of the spiritual life, mainly raw material. That is, it can be used by the guys in the white hats or the guys in the black hats with equal ease.

    (permit me a deep shudder at the picture painted here, and the poster posted here, anyway)

  4. Linda Patterson

    I went to the older post you mention and I coppied it. I also got one, coppied and pasted to wordpad the Tomb of Jesus. Looking forward to reading these as well. Hilter was truly evil more than likely possed and surely crazy.
    I have met a couple of people who could almost be on his level.
    The article is good, makes one see why so many do not know in the younger generation about Jesus, God and the coming Kingdom of God. It is most difficult for them to accept, learned not to tell them but to just provide scriptures or literature or a copy of a program. This evil in Hitler will raise it’s ugly head again. Good thing is God is everything, owns everything and knows everything and is all powerful.

  5. Steve

    If you have the time and inclination, you might be interested in reading “Radical Son” by David Horowitz. He was a leading figure in the anti-war movement of the Vietnam years. His family came from a long line of dedicated communists, and he took up an altered form of that mantle in later years.

    Anyway, he talked about the importance the communist party placed on getting control of the public school system and Hollywood. Some of the devious tactics and skullduggery they used. He basically said that McCarthy was right about the communist influence, except that McCarthy went after the wrong people.

    It’s a very interesting read, but a little too ponderous. You probably don’t have the time for it. But he supports what you said in your post – the goal was getting control of the kids.

  6. I appreciate Brownie Brown’s comment concerning this post on Facebook, a quote from Third Reich by Michael Burleigh:

    “Their children became strangers, contemptuous of monarchy or religion …Denunciation of parents by children was encouraged, not least by schoolteachers who set essays entitled ‘what does your family talk about at home?’”

  7. Michael O'Byrne

    You are correct in your point of view on Soviet opposition to religion in any form. But I recall hearing an interesting story concerning Stalin during World War II. I heard this in a documentary on that conflict, but I don’t recall the name of the programme. The story is that Stalin went twice to St. Basil’s Cathedral to pray during the war. I believe these events were supposed to have taken place when the Nazi’s were closing in on Moscow. This is not to be found in the official records, but it is not impossible that Stalin did this since he had been a student five years in a Russian Orthodox seminary. The episode, if it happened, may been been in the memory of someone on the perameters of Soviet power – a low-level fuctionary. As it looked like the Germans were about to enter Moscow Stalin may have lost his atheist ” faith ” and for me the phrase ” there are no atheists in foxholes ” comes to mind.

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