On the plane!

Sitting on the plane waiting for the rest of the passengers traveling with mento Charlotte. My thanks to all of you who let me know that you are praying for the telecast taping! Assuming all goes well, tonight and tomorrow should be very productive and will hopefully get me close to completing the two programs scheduled for taping Monday.

[EDIT, 1:14PM: On the ground and waiting in plane. Fast flight!]

5 thoughts on “On the plane!

  1. Steven Schembri

    Mr. Smith,

    I wish you all the best during your tapings for the program! I do, however, have a suggestion for the Tomorrow’s World program with respect to a topic you have yet to properly cover. I would like to see you two INDIVIDUAL programs covering the pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter. I would like you to provide an in-depth look at where these days come from and why “True Chirstians” should NOT observe them. Perhaps have them offered as a DVD offering to spread the word?

    It would be nice to see a “hard-hitting” presentation to “jolt” the viewer into realizing what these days really mean. A great template you could use (if I could humbly suggest) would be perhaps the greatest TW program of all time (in my opinion), and that would be going waaaay back to 1999. Of course, I am referring to the program “Insight into Christmas”. Mr. Meredith (in my opinion) delivered a “Legendary” presentation on the subject. I still use that program to show to my friends who don’t know about God’s true Holy Days yet. The idea would be to create an up to date version of that kind of show for both Christmas and Easter. The way I see it, there is none better than the great Wallace G. Smith to explain such topics for the show. While I am at it, how about doing a third and final program on God’s true Holy Days as well? These are merely suggestions, but I think they are long overdue.

    Have a safe trip and continued success!

  2. Zono Riggs

    Did you go through the scanner or the pat down? All the hoop lah on the news
    about the new security, has me wondering about flying. Any problems?

  3. Mr. Wheeler: Hopefully the next post made up for it. 🙂

    Mr. Schembri: Thanks for the suggestion, and you’re very kind! That might make a great idea for a DVD.

    Mom: I went through the scanner but no pat down. Makes me think that the pat downs are, perhaps, just for those whose scans show something warranting a further check. Maybe radiation from scanner will give me superpowers…

    Todd: Thanks for the kind words!

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