DVDs updated on the “Order Free” page

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I was checking up on an e-mail sent to me concerning the telecast that aired this weekend — “Diagnosis: Christianity” — and saw that the “Order Free” page of the Tomorrow’s World website now has a checkbox for a couple of DVDs that I don’t think were on there until recently. Namely, the “2012: Mystery and Truth” DVD and the “Big Picture” DVD. It’s nice to see them on the list. When I’ve recommended the 2012 DVD, I’ve usually had to say that one could write us and request it, but now it’s just a few clicks away!  Until this weekend, they haven’t really been needed on the list, because we haven’t offered them on the telecast (or, I think, in the magazine).


[I note here that they may have been up for a while and I am just now noticing. My wife and children will warmly confirm for the inquisitive that I am slow to notice things from time to time. 🙂 ]

2 thoughts on “DVDs updated on the “Order Free” page

  1. I suspect it’s not because you’re slow to notice things, but because you’re so busy noticing some things that you overlook others. 🙂 I, at least, have that problem.

  2. Linda Patterson

    Thank you Mr. Smith. I went to our site and I could select three and so I did and waiting for them to arrive. I will make some copies of them and share them, I share your post some too. People who do not have internet and to people who would like a copy. We just have a couple in our group in Mississippi. I have it and I share it and it is a joy to do so. Thank you for your thoughts en route and the other things you do on our behalf.

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