New blog theme

Decided to tweek the visual theme of my blog — different fonts, etc. Still restoring some of the items on the right (e.g., the RSS feed for the telecast, which I cannot find). Let me know what you think. Not that I think you have nothing better to do, but, you know, just so you know you’re allowed. 🙂

19 thoughts on “New blog theme

  1. Linda

    Looks good, I started to say that if we find your RSS feed we will return it but then off to the side there it was so it must no longer be lost.

  2. Steve: Thanks! But I think that’s to the MP3 podcast. I was hoping to add the RSS feed that would take folks to the current telecast webpage so they could listen/watch/download, etc. Still, maybe the podcast feed is what my blog used to sport. Does anyone know? (Sad that I don’t know, myself, I know.)

    Linda: Actually, those RSS feeds are to other items, but not the telecast. I pinched the addresses off of another site. I was hoping for the feed to the telecast videos.

  3. (Luke 5:39 RSV) “And no one after drinking old wine desires new; for he says, ‘The old is good.'”

    Give me time to get used to this new vintage. It has a nice aroma and a pleasant aftertaste, but it may need to rest on its lees in the cellar of my mind a little longer. 😀

  4. Linda

    You will do it. I set up a network with my computers. I somehow or another gave the desktops the same name. It keeps letting me know that. I know what to do to fix it but I ARE A SCARED to do it. So you will do it I know, I am sure of it. Your busy brain is just hiding it from you right now.

  5. Laurel Meyer

    Probably need a new photo; something a little more colorful! Also, font size is too small for me (I have older eyes).

  6. The new picture is not as pretty as the old picture. Not as colorful overall, kind of drab. A strong green would be ok if you don’t like the orange/yellow of your old picture.

  7. Thanks, Mr. Schaefer, and actually I agree. I really wanted to use a picture I own instead of the pleasant picture I previously had, which had been e-mailed to me a long time ago. I realized that I am unsure about the ownership of the previous picture and would hate to use someone’s property inappropriately.

    However, I actually don’t have too many pictures on my computer, and that one was (IMHO) the nicest of the bunch. Regrettably, it was taken with my iPhone, so it isn’t necessarily the best. But it will do until I get ambitions and begin combing through my wife’s approximately forty billion pictures to find a nicer one.

  8. Todd

    Mr. Smith you’re an awesome servant and laborer for God and Their Church !!!!! Thanks for your loyalty, profound faith and hard work !!!! You are greatly appreciated !!!!

    Sincerely Todd

  9. Alex

    the reference (in your earlier post) to James 1:8 isn’t what immediately came to mind… I was thinking Proverbs 24:21.

  10. Linda

    Looks like a straight path, man must walk the straight path.
    First thought was of Jesus walking and spreading the gospel to all who would listen.
    The picture is good, if my opion is worth 3cents I would say keep it. Looks good and causes thought.
    Works in two ways.

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