Visiting Creation Museum Tuesday

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Some of us from Cincinnati and Columbus are going to visit the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky Tuesday morning.  It is the last week of their promotion of providing a discount for homeschoolers, so a few families in the area are going to take advantage of it.

For those who don’t know, in the Living Church of God we do believe that the creation of man and the “creation week” of Genesis 1 & 2 happened about 6,000 years ago, but we do not, necessarily, believe that the original creation of the earth and the rest of the universe took place at this time.  In short (very short), we believe that the “was” of Genesis 1:2 is better translated “became” and that the condition of ruin and destruction in which the earth existed as God began to reshape, rejuvenate, and reshape it was the result of Satan’s rebellion.  The belief is frequently called the “Gap Theory” or the “Ruin-Reconstruction Theory.”

Please note: We do not believe this because we believe in “evolution” — we do not believe in “evolution.”  Young earth creationists often claim that the belief originated by or was popularized by a man named Thomas Chalmers and that it is accepted by its adherents in order to “squeeze in” evolution.  At least in our case, this simply isn’t true.  There is documented evidence of belief in an earlier state of the earth that can be traced back to the days of Jesus and Paul, and given that we don’t believe in “evolution,” it makes no sense to say that we are trying to fit it in.

It is also a falsehood to say that we believe as we do because we are trying to “squeeze in” non-biblical, “scientific” findings, such as “age of the earth” theories.  Again, not so.  I demonstrate my belief routinely using only biblical passages, and they say what they say regardless of whether the earth is four billion years old or merely 6,000.  I feel no “requirement” to place the strata of the earth during the pre-Adamic creation–if that’s where it goes, fine, and if it doesn’t go there, fine, too.  And I certainly do not believe in any kind of “man” before Adam.  I want to believe what the Bible says, and we believe what we do for Bible-based reasons.

So, back to the main topic: why go to a “young earth” creation museum, if you aren’t a “young earther,” then?  A few different reasons.  For instance, all museums out there have mistaken theories and information on display.  This one will at least endeavor to base its understanding in biblical principles.  Also, they believe in the reality of the worldwide flood of Noah’s day–something most museums won’t come near with a ten foot pole.  And its attempt to support an extreme belief (that all of this universe–with its history, not just its “appearance of age/maturity”–was created 6 to 10 thousand years ago) presses them (“young earth” creationists) to creatively challenge reigning scientific dogma which can be rather helpful, indeed.

So, we’ll see if the trip is profitable or not, but we are all looking forward to it!  After the museum visit, we’re planning a Bible Study during or after lunch about what the Bible really does have to say about the history of the earth.  I’ll try to write about the experience Tuesday evening or some time Wednesday.

3 thoughts on “Visiting Creation Museum Tuesday

  1. That is one ugly model dinosaur.

    I wish I could see that Museum myself. I find AiG’s positions scientifically useful (if theologically flawed) for the same reasons you do – and perhaps one more. The “reading tradition” preserved by the Masoretic Text – which in its present form is said to go back to Ezra (and a comparison of it with the oldest versions is consistent with this) – indicates that the exact rendition of Genesis 1:2a should be “But the earth had become [the pluperfect – more precise than ‘became’] chaotic and disordered…” If I had the bona fides posted online, I could point you to them. Maybe soon…

  2. Linda

    A good shepard to the sheep and a good parent to your children are going hand in hand. I found out once upon a time that some people to whom you tell this will be appalled. Some few however find it interesting and even think it probably true and then again some go look up the scriptures and say later, why don’t they teach this in church or school. Why indeed was another lesson.
    Thanks Mr. Smith for your post, they are very good.
    Linda–LCG–Columbus, Mississippi

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