Congrats to the Rangers

Those who know me know I am not the most sports-minded fellow.  However, you can’t be from Texas and not sport a big Texas-sized grin at the thought of the Rangers (finally) going to the World Series.  When I was a lad of single-digit age, I was a member of the official Texas Ranger fan club, complete with a batting glove that had Jim Sundberg’s signature on it.  Or at least his name on it.  Or something.  I did say “single-digit age,” right?

Today’s WSJ carried some funny comments about the match up by columnist Jason Gay (read it here: “2010 World Series: Bargains, Beef and Beards”).  Here’s just a few:

“The $55 million-budget Rangers stunned the $206 million-budget Yankees, baseball’s richest franchise.  For the cost of the Yankees, you could buy the Rangers three times and buy everyone in Vermont a Lexus and an iPad.”

Q: “What is Rangers owner Nolan Ryan doing right now?”

A: “As we speak, he’s delivering a calf that he will promptly trade to the Seattle Mariners for the rights to Felix Hernandez.  Later, he intends to build a barbed-wire fence to keep the Yankees away from Cliff Lee, then he’ll drive through the night to San Francisco in a battered pickup truck, stopping briefly to punch a guy in Reno.”

“The Giants’ hair situation is unruly.  The team looks like it should be raising a barn, or opening an artisanal butcher shop in Portland, Ore.”

“The World Series begins Wednesday at 7:57 p.m. Eastern time on Fox; the games have been moved up an hour to accommodate 30 minutes of football highlights to placate Texas viewers.”

Funny stuff.  Feel free and read it for yourself.

It seems that Nolan Ryan is the gift that keeps on giving for the Rangers.  Congrats, fellows.

7 thoughts on “Congrats to the Rangers

  1. Steve

    You’re from Texas, and you’re not sports minded? I thought there was a federal statute against that sort of thing.

  2. There’s one huge comparison this writer forgot.

    It’s the week before U.S. Election 2010 — and we have George W. Bush’s old team vs. a team from Nancy Pelosi-Town!

    (And oh yes — I’m old enough to remember when the Rangers were the Washington Senators.)

  3. Todd

    Mr. Armstrong said competition is of satan the devil, and their would not be competition in the world tomorrow. After all if someone is elevated and praised to be The Winner, their has to be a Loser. Wow !! I remember the greatest times we had playing various games(football,basketball,baseball etc..) was when we never kept score. No hard feelings, no vanity, no pride, no contension, no argueing. It was great !!! Thy Kingdom come!!!!
    Respectively Sincere

  4. Very true! And yet just because a game is played and score is kept, that doesn’t mean that it’s satanic in and of itself. For instance, I would hardly call a happy group of church widows sitting around and enjoying a friendly game of canasta anything close to “satanic” as long as everyone’s attitude is good, they’re having a good time, and obeying the rules.

    Even when all was on track spiritually at Ambassador College, we still had sports teams that competed and score was kept. The stress was on playing in a godly manner and pushing yourself to be your best, not just “better than the other guy.” Believe it or not, you can “compete” with “[n]o hard feelings, no vanity, no pride, no [sinful] contention, no arguing” — you probably won’t see that kind of game play at the World Series, but doesn’t mean it’s impossible! 🙂

    Thanks for your comment!

  5. Alex

    I enjoyed hearing about the Yanks falling… I view them the same as I do the Lakers in the NBA – a great team … to root against, I think overspending (over pre-agreed caps) amounts essentially to cheating even if they pay the penalty afterwards.

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