LCG Commentary: “Girls are girls no more”

Great commentary today by Mr. James Ginn on the LCG website: “Girls are girls no more.” Here’s the first paragraph:

Rearing a teenage girl in today’s world can be like navigating a minefield blindfolded. This point was well illustrated by two recent articles in Canada’s popular Maclean’s magazine dealing with the challenges facing our youth and by one middle school softball game.

Why didn’t I copy and paste the rest here?  Well, I’m no plagiarizer or Internet traffic thief!  🙂  Read the rest at the LCG website.

Parents really have their jobs cut out for them.  Every time I take my boys into the mall and confront the seemingly 20-foot-tall posters of naked women in the windows of the Victoria Has No Secrets store, I think, “Oy.”  The world was hard enough for me to deal with at puberty, now my kids will have to face this.

For those who’d like to read the Macleans articles to which Mr. Ginn refers, here they are (and warning: I have no control over the language and images that the magazine may present, so, as always, let the surfer beware!):

I’d read the latter one before, but not the former.

Thanks to Mr. Ginn for the commentary, now go read it!

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