“They’re beating us with one hand tied behind their back.”

It must be “Germany Day” on my blog.  I just came across this interview that some will find interesting.  It is essentially a discussion between two individuals who are clearly on the “liberal” side of the political spectrum, one of whom, Thomas Geoghegan, is the author of the book Were You Born on the Wrong Continent? and is clearly a europhile.  His preference for Europe’s values and ways over America’s may ruffle a few red, white, and blue feathers among some here, but it is still an interesting read.  And it isn’t just a “left-fest.”  For instance, Geoghegan criticizes the currently reigning progressive Democrats in the U.S. for not being as “sophisticated” as their German and French counterparts for their foolish willingness to run up the national debt.

But I mention it mainly to quote this passage from the interview:

According to Geoghegan, “Since 2003, it’s not China but Germany, that colossus of European socialism, that has either led the world in export sales or at least been tied for first. Even as we in the United States fall more deeply into the clutches of our foreign creditors — China foremost among them — Germany has somehow managed to create a high-wage, unionized economy without shipping all its jobs abroad or creating a massive trade deficit, or any trade deficit at all. And even as the Germans outsell the United States, they manage to take six weeks of vacation every year. They’re beating us with one hand tied behind their back.”

The two Geoghegan quotes that wrap up the interview — “Without an industrial base a democracy dies.” & “Countries like Germany do both capitalism and socialism better than we do.” — grabbed my eye, as well.

Passed on here for your clicking consideration: “Why Germany Has It So Good–and Why America Is Going Down the Drain”

8 thoughts on ““They’re beating us with one hand tied behind their back.”

  1. Linda

    I did not read the book, your post was all I read. I always enjoy them. I do not know why for sure Germany is doing so well but, it may have something to do with why we are doing so poorly. We as a country have sinned against our God royally and we are going to be punished just as we deserve.

    I thought as well that our enemy was to rule over us, that means to me that he has to do better than we do as we do worse than the rest of the world.

    It is your fault if I did not post according to your article, your post made me think and this was what came of that little effort.

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  3. Past readings of mine read that Germans are HIGHLY productive workers, and worth their price. It’s here that union workers stop working and read after reaching quota. Sluggards! Germany makes the ultimate driving machine, not generic motors. While US/UK was going stupid on debt, discussing forcing banks to lend, Germany was objecting to the US/UK idea of more debt. They musta’ learned from their hyper inflation. Seems rather diligent and frugal (counting the cost.)

  4. Steve

    Well, this reminds me of an article that I read, a short few years ago.
    It was on the German Foreign Policy website. It was entitled, “The Will To Power.” I suppose that one could go on the website, and dig the article up from the archives page.

    Anyway, the article listed one economic statistic after another. The long and short was that the European Union is the biggest economy in the world, bigger than the United States. Indeed, the numbers were a little shocking.

    The author complained how the E.U. was positioned to take the dominant role in world politics, but it suffered from a fractious coalition of reluctant states. Hence the title, “The Will To Power.”

    And one other thing…

    People keep waiting for Europe to develop a huge standing Army. The attitude seems to be, “we won’t worry about Europe until they have a bigger Army than us”.

    That’s a mistake. Europe is pursuing a far different course than us. Their organizing their military to produce a large, efficient military in relatively short order. It’s the same program that Germany used in WWII, when they came out of nowhere, surprised everybody, and nearly conquered Europe.

    Again, Europe is much further along than most Americans realize. Their main problem right now is a lack of cohesion, not capability.

  5. Steve

    Whoops! I apologize for this comment. It was off the topic of your post. Not intentional on my part – I was thinking about your phrase “beating us with one hand behind their back.” Sorry again.

  6. Now you may count me officially double-boggled.

    I was wondering if something like this was going on – in fact I’ve been wondering this for many years.

  7. Of course Mr. Smith can speak for himself, but personally I think your comment was apropos to the topic indirectly. As we’ve been saying for decades, if there’s a German economic revival, or a European one, can a military revival be far behind?

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