God’s “Singing Celestial Diamonds”

The Crab Nebula is a supernova remnant contain...
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The LCG website has a great commentary up today from Mr. Wyatt Ciesielka about God’s “singing celestial diamonds” — check it out here: “Big beautiful diamonds.”

Reading it, I was reminded of the National Geographic article I had read several years ago that indicated an exploding star, at least under some circumstances, would generate a sound: “roughly the F note above middle C.”  After giving in to the compulsion to run to our piano and hit that note several times,  I wrote a commentary after that titled “God and the foundation of science.” Hopefully you will enjoy that one, too!


2 thoughts on “God’s “Singing Celestial Diamonds”

  1. Steve

    I saw this National Geographic maybe ten or twenty years ago. I still have that issue sitting around here, somewhere. It had a big fold out map of how the (known) universe is structured. Apparenly, there are cluster of stars that form a neighorhood of star clusters. A cluster within a cluseter. And it keeps going up the scale like that. Even galaxies form clusters. It boggled my mind.

    Anyway, the accompanying article said that, if you could speed up time, then our galaxy would be making loud booms, pops, and rushing sounds; and you would see bright flashes going off, roman candles flying by, and so on. Amazing stuff.

    One last thing I remember. If you travelled far enough into space, then you could look back on the material universe, and it would look like a big cloud of light in the emptiness of nothing.

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