Feast of Tabernacles 2010: Days 2-5

It looks as though my original plan of blogging each day of the Feast this year has been kicked in the pants by reality! 🙂  Life has just been going by too wonderfully full and too mind-bogglingly quickly to take the time to stop and post each day.  And even now — after a wonderful Family Day — I am wiped out!  My pillow and I have a date, and I aim to keep it!

Still, I wanted to do a “catch up” post, however brief it may be.

God seems to be blessing our messages this year in such an obvious and encouraging fashion.  Dr. Meredith and Mr. Millich’s sermons were phenomenal, Mr. Wyatt Ciesielka’s sermon yesterday was a great discussion of one of my favorite topics, putting the Millennium in the context of the history of Creation that has preceded it, and God was very merciful to me concerning my own sermon today, which seemed to go well.  Tomorrow is the “Behind the Work” video, followed by Mr. Aitchison’s sermon the next day.  I’ve never heard Mr. Aitchison give a sermon, though his sermonette the other day was outstanding and I look forward to his message.  Actually, all the sermonettes have been very good!

Activity-wise, this year has been very nice so far, and the Family Day tonight was clearly one of the highlights.  The Hilton Convention Center is an absolutely wonderful location for our Family Day, and their Exhibit Hall was, once again, a great location.  The Fun Show was fun — which a Fun Show should be, correct? — and I appreciate all who participated.  The Member Arts and Crafts Exhibit did not have as many entries as last year, but those entries it did have really impressed my sons, who went on about them for quite a while in our car ride home tonight.  The brisket buffet was just plain out of this world — the Hilton team puts on a marvelous buffet, and (even more helpful) were willing to work with us so that we could offer our members reasonable prices.  (And for members who cannot afford it, the reasonable prices help us to cover the cost for those members without too much damage to the budget, thanks to the generosity of other members.)  The Branson Convention Center Staff is fantastic, and I enjoy every interaction with them — real professionals.

I played DJ once again for the dance, which was an absolute hoot.  [Translation: I really enjoyed it.]  I had a real eclectic mix this year, with selections from big bands, the Wiggles, country music — even the theme song from a certain 60s cartoon — and the dance floor was used for every song except the third one I played that night: a tango.  My thanks goes out to Ms. SW who donated some of the song mix they used at our Teen Camp this year!  And my wife seemed to really enjoy taking the souvenir pictures for folks — she is actually printing them off as I type.

But as happy as I am, my legs are killing me, and I am tuckered!  Wherever you are keeping God’s Festival, I pray that it is going at least half as well there as it is here in Branson.  What a privilege to be here, and how wonderful it will be when the whole world is keeping this Feast as well (Zech. 14:16)!

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