Spreading the Qun’a’ wo’ De’ QaQ

I suppose if we really are going to go into all nations with the gospel of the Kingdom of God, this may be useful.  In some way.  Maybe.

4 thoughts on “Spreading the Qun’a’ wo’ De’ QaQ

  1. In a very real sense, this is “old news”. 😀 Years ago now, I tipped off the Worldwide Church of God’s Youth Magazine about a news item concerning the Bible in Klingon. The item was duly published (though not by my pen), and I got a wee “finder’s fee” for it.

    The Klingon Language Institute, however, has long since published The Epic of Gilgamesh in Klingon. If memory serves the conceit is that the Epic was originally a Klingon tale, right up there with Shakespeare in the Klingon literary canon. 😀

  2. Steve

    If you do a sermon for a bunch of Klingons, just tell them, “I have tasted your hearts! Let the dream fly!” But you’d have to combine the “inspire” and “attack” speeches from the old Spokesman Club.

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