Randomly Collected News Potpourri

Three items that caught my attention, today, on the UK’s MailOnline and NYTimes.com:

  • Concerning the New Zealand Quake: How happy we can all be that this 7.1-er killed no one!  The pictures in this article are fascinating, and the idea that one quake has moved part of the earth’s crust by 11 feet causes one to ponder a bit.  As Trumpets comes closer and closer, the verse about the last seal being opened before the trumpet blasts begin and “every mountain and island was moved out of its place” (Rev. 6:14) comes to mind.  The earth ruled for 1,000 years will in many ways be geographically different than the one we know, today.
  • Concerning Facebook and Studying: Bad news for parents of Facebooking teens, in that their fears about multitasking kiddos may be proven accurate.  The study cited claims that those who have Facebook running while they study — even if it is in the “background” — earn 20% lower scores on their exams, even though three-quarters of them state that Facebook has no impact.  I couldn’t tell from the article if the study considered the pre-Facebook performance of the teens and whether or not the result is a filtering versus an actual impact.  Hopefully, they would have controlled for that.
  • Concerning Happiness vs. Shopping on the “Sabbath”:  Well, the article is not about shopping on the actual Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-11) — rather, it is about shopping on Sunday (Constantine 20:8-11) in places that formerly had “blue laws” preventing the practice.  Apparently, a study has shown that females who go shopping on Sundays instead of to church are measurably less happy.  More specifically, the study noted that, among white women, dropping the “blue laws” was correlated with an increase in shopping, a decrease in church attendance, and a decrease in happiness.  The study reported that no similar effect was found on men.  No effect was found among black women, as well, although the sample size was small, which may have affected the results.

    I remember reading a Discover magazine article (more an info-bite, if I recall correctly) about a study that said man seemed inherently designed (not their word, I’m sure) to need one day in seven for rest.  (Of course, I would stress a particular day among those seven!)  Perhaps these ladies are experiencing the natural consequences of ignoring God’s Laws — even a faulty version of those laws that stresses the wrong day.

4 thoughts on “Randomly Collected News Potpourri

  1. Re: future geography: I understand that if we could just get rid of the Himalayan Range and the Tibetian Plateau, that alone would cause most of the major deserts to disappear due to shifting weather patterns. At least that was the claim (indirectly) of a TV program I saw once, which claimed that the great deserts arose in the wake of the mountain-building at the end of a geological era and that the Himalayan-Tibetian uplift in particular has an enormous effect on world weather.

    Young-creationists no doubt have some interesting ideas here, and maybe in the light of Psalms 104:5-9 (RSV, etc.), they should be given a hearing. What if these mountains are not in fact millions of years old, at least in their present form?

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  3. Norbert

    I used to like visiting the malls and stores, there is something to be said about buying something.

    The act of shopping for some people does make them feel better albeit rather temporary (I know). However I am of the opinion that convincing someone to stop shopping and take a day of rest even when it is “the day” of rest, doesn’t necessarily keep people from making the same error. I believe Jude v. 12 says as much, “These are spots in your love feasts, when they feast with you…”.

    Otherwise Rev 14:12 would only read “Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God.” and exclude “and the faith of Jesus.” Without the latter all the blue laws a government in world can legisilate, even if they were specific to the 7th day is not what saves a person. People also need to have the faith of Jesus.

    I believe it could be said, a person should go shopping, especially on the 7th day, ” I counsel you to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that you may be rich; and white clothing, that you may be clothed, and that the shame of your nakedness does not appear; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.” (Rev 3:18)

    And all this also does leave me pondering history. Where the strict national observance of the 7th day didn’t save the ancient state of Israel out of the hands of the Romans. I am left asking would any modern nation fair any better?

  4. Howdy, Norbert, and you won’t catch me disagreeing with you! I’m in the Amen corner with you there, and I certainly wouldn’t want Blue Laws to come back. I only mention the article for the consideration that Mark 2:27 may have more physical application than we might think.

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