Blogging break: Scripts going well

My family and I arrived safely in Charlotte last night about 11:30PM, and the day I spent in the office was very productive.

My thanks to all of you who have said that you are praying for my scripts and the telecast tapings tomorrow!  So far, they are going very well.  One of the telecasts is clearly in its third trimester, and things are looking good for delivery tomorrow.  I still have to cut about 900 words from it to fit the time guidelines, but I think I know where those cuts need to be made and it shouldn’t be too painful a process.

The other script is still in the second trimester.  It has some troublesome spots, to be sure, that need to be nailed down and cleaned up before they are ready for the telecast, though parts of it are coming along nicely.  I’m using this “blog break” to rest my brain a bit from working on it before I plunge back in.  I hope to have a completed-but-too-long script within a couple of hours, so that I can turn back to the “third trimester” script and begin to trim.  Then, that done, I can come back to this one and trim it up, as well.

Taping for the first one will be at 10:30 tomorrow and will hopefully be done before my lunch appointment, and then we’ll tape the second one after lunch.  A couple of Living University students have asked to watch the taping, so that will be fun.  Also, my Beautiful Wife and the boys who follow us around will be there, as well.  Actually, since my Beautiful Wife is taking LU classes, as well, that will be three students there.

Break’s over!  Back to the coal mines we go!  Again, thanks to those of you praying for the telecast effort — God is listening, and our responses have been amazing lately!

Thanks for all you do, and take care.

P.S.  As much work as putting scripts together is, I don’t think it compares with the thrill of taping the final product and getting to work with this awesome staff.  What a privilege!  And what an humbling opportunity we have under God to get this word out to the world.  Let’s all be sure to thank God that He allows us to be a part of His Work in these last days!

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6 thoughts on “Blogging break: Scripts going well

  1. Wade

    Mr. Smith, I’m curious to know the total number of programs you have taped since becoming a presenter on the Tomorrow’s World program. I would like to say that me and my family truly appreciate the countless number of hours of fine work you have put forth in providing a absolutely vital message to a society that truly needs it. Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Third trimester or third stage of triage? 😀

    Anyway, it’s fascinating to see your mind at work from a distance, and I’ll join the hordes praying for your success.

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  4. Todd

    Howdy Mr. Smith & Family
    It’s so awesome to know that God’s people cry out to Him and He answers!!! Our prayers continually go forth for our dedicated and commited leaders like you Mr. Smith. Your effort and hard work is more appreciated than I think you realize!!! Thanks a million!!!

    Your fellow laborer

  5. Why, thanks, Mr. Brown! 🙂 You know, I’m not sure how many telecasts I have taped. I think these last two make 20, but I’m not entirely certain.

    And thanks for your kind words! Hopefully we can get down there to Texas sometime soon. We’re starting to long for some time under the Lone Star flag!

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