Area Man Discovers Blog!

Wow, it really has been a while since I have written anything, hasn’t it!  I’ve kept in touch (though barely) by commenting every once in a while under the recent “Can God make a rock so big He can’t life it?” post, but that has been about it.  Almost missed all of August!

With the Living Youth Teen Camp occupying the first two weeks of August, blogging was out.  It did cross my mind, but left rather quickly thanks to the wonderfully hectic pace in Pennsylvania this year.  What a marvelous experience camp was this year!  Really, both camps I attended: Pre-Teen and Teen.  Mr. McNair and Mr. Monson did remarkable jobs, and the staff and campers were a real blessing to be around.  I’m very thankful to have been a part this year and am already looking forward to next year!

But as for blogging: honestly, even since I got back from camp it has been hard to justify coming out here when I’ve had so many other computer-related things to do.  (In particular, the Branson Feast of Tabernacles website has needed major updating for a long time now.  But, as of today, that is done!  Huzzah!)

Booklet Image for "The Holy Days - God's Master Plan"Speaking of the Holy Days, they are coming up quickly!  I pray that all of us are reflecting on the tremendous truths pictured by God’s Holy Days this season.  The Fall Holy Days are always an inspiring time.  From the dark moon of the evening of September 8th, starting off the Feast of Trumpets, to the bright, full moon of September 22nd, announcing Opening Night Services of the Feast of Tabernacles, on to the goodbyes at the conclusion of services, September 30, and getting ready to drive home the next day — there’s a lot to think about and happily ponder!  It’s a fantastic time to see old friends and make new ones, and to celebrate the fact that Almighty God has not left this world to self-destruct.  Jesus Christ is returning, Satan will be removed, and this world will experience the joy of Messiah’s rule with His saints.  How mind-bendingly marvelous.

And given the “blessed busy-ness” of the season speedily springing towards us, I don’t know how much blogging I will be doing until the Festival dust settles.  I’ve got a couple of Tomorrow’s World telecasts to tape next week (prayers, as always, are appreciated) and some sermons to finalize.  But I do want to get back to blogging on occasion, and it has been helpful in keeping me in a writing mood.  In fact, the “Mystery of the Mind” article I have coming out in the next Tomorrow’s World magazine was boosted a bit by the blogging I had done on the matter way back.  For little things like that, this blog has been a real help, so I don’t plan on nixing it quite yet.  Still, the waits in between posts may be a bit long.

Have a wonderful Sabbath!

3 thoughts on “Area Man Discovers Blog!

  1. Todd

    Hello Mr. Smith;

    All the best to you and your family. Boy you talk about mindbending!! And to think that an insignificant worm like me is in on the ground floor. WOW I can’t wait(but I know I must) to help God’s entire creation be delivered. It makes me want to jump up,shout,dance,or bust a move as captain Kirk would say. The fall holy days are exilerating and profound!!!! Thank you for being so very dedicated and focused on preparing God’s people and soundind the warning.

    Thanks be to you, all my beloved team members,our Holy Father, and Eternal Savior Jesus Christ.

  2. Steve

    Yeah, I really like the Fall Holy Day season. I especially like the Feast of Trumpets. That’s one I find real inspiring.

    Ministers get pretty busy during the Holy Days. I always worry about them not getting the opportunity to enjoy it! Which is probably not true; just something I worry about.

  3. Todd: So say all we insignificant worms! 🙂 Thanks for the kind words.

    Steve: I appreciate the concern, and there is an element of Matt. 12:5 there. Yet, I can honestly say that if the rest are like me than they certainly do enjoy it! So, no worries! 🙂

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