China now largest consumer of energy

Image of the Forbidden City at night, from
The Forbidden City at night, using up some energy...

I noticed that yesterday’s Wall Street Journal reported that China has now passed the United States as the world’s biggest consumer of energy.  What’s startling is that only 10 years ago China only consumed half the energy that America did.  However, as analysis elsewhere in the same paper notes, the nature of that energy usage is very different between the two countries.  “Coal accounts for 22% of U.S. energy consumption, but a full two-thirds of China’s, up from 57% in 2000,” as reported by Liam Denning.

The immediate effect is a lessening of American influence in global energy markets–which, like all markets, tend to listen to the guy who is spending the most.  But given the crucial role energy plays, it will also mean a decline in the strength of American influence in geopolitics.  America is still the world’s largest overall economy, but our current financial and political shenanigans may cause that to change, too, more quickly than some would imagine.

For those interested in what Bible Prophecy has to say about the America, China — and Europe & the UK, as well — check out our free booklets on the matter: The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy and The Middle East in Prophecy.  God’s Word speaks about the ultimate role that these nations and political unions have to play, and those roles are not what many likely expect.

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3 thoughts on “China now largest consumer of energy

  1. First, in re: your Twitter feed: do your boys actually have names, or only numbers? 😀 Unless you list their names somewhere, for some reason, I may never learn them!

    Second, unless China has really cleaned up its act it is now also the world’s largest polluter of the air, thanks to the low quality of much of its coal.

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  3. Norbert

    Maybe those are their names. Sorta like Star Trek and having your own collective. One of four, Two of four, Three of four and Four of four.

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