Clogged Brain Pipes and Morgan Freeman!

Well, it’s happened again.  I’ve built up so much that I would like to talk about that the burden of having too much to say has shut me up.  Camp ended a week ago today (super challenging and super awesome!), today is the fourth of July (if you haven’t read it in a while, The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy is just begging to be read again!), I have more people contacting me interested in attending church than ever (wow!)…  So much that I have wanted to blog about that everything has clogged in my poor little brain.

So, I’m going to take a completely different tack and ignore them all.  Instead, I’m going to talk about Morgan Freeman.

Specifically, I’m going to mention the new Science Channel television series, “Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.” Normally, shows like this one are right up my alley, and my family decided to begin recording them on the DVR (if it’s not on the DVR, we can’t guarantee we’ll get to see it!).  We have several recorded now, but haven’t had the time to watch them.

In particular, I’m interested in the first one in the series: “Is There a Creator?”  I appreciate it for the fact that it asks the question directly.  Usually such shows just dance around the idea without acknowledging that their statements (justified or not) have direct consequences for this most important of questions.  In that sense, I am intrigued.  On the other hand, for most such programs it seems that, usually, “the fix is in.”  Will the show seriously address the question, or was the outcome predetermined by the writers?  I actually don’t mind if such programs fail to answer the question, or even if they answer it but incorrectly (the correct answer being, “Yes”).  What I can’t abide is not taking the question seriously or taking it seriously but addressing it stupidly.

We still haven’t watched the recordings, yet.  Has anyone seen it?  What can we expect?

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4 thoughts on “Clogged Brain Pipes and Morgan Freeman!

  1. Norbert

    I am no Roger Ebert nor do I have my own cable show, but thankfully some blogs do ask for my opinion!

    I enjoyed the show, it made for some thoughtful entertainment where if science was a beer it would be scientific-lite. Although there was some Atheistic bias it didn’t bash Creationism. At best it left a politically correct type of, “we can neither confirm nor deny” and it did offer some good questions about how science would define God at the end. Questions beginning with, what are the requirements for God?

    I believe it makes for some of the better family entertainment on the web and can provide families with children who have inquiring minds something to talk about.

  2. I only got to watch the the last part of the episode you’re asking about, but it did address one aspect of quantum theory that’s very intriguing to me: the fact that quanta seem to only become focused into matter when we observe them. The rest of the time, unobserved quanta just falls back into the “quantum static” or randomness (I’m likely wording all of this wrong, but this is how I remember it). To me, that seems completely creepy, yet is compelling evidence that there’s more out there than meets the eye, creation-wise.

    However, the program takes a delightful twist on this topic and says our current reality could be akin to virtual reality game world, assuming that mankind has already evolved to a level of such intelligence, along with Moore’s Law of computing to an unimaginable level, that they (the “super evolved ones”, that is) have created alter egos or similar in a Second Life-like environment and that is what we are currently experiencing in this universe. Quanta are like pixels in a 3D game where only the pixels required for each observed moment are rendered by the graphics engine and displayed to the gamer. The great quote by J.Q. Scientist: “I find this to be very spiritual.” Or perhaps very, um, Matrix? Plato?? Not to mention the state of the this “game world” shows a pretty demented bunch of “players”. I can just see the religions forming now… “Oh, great me in the sky! Please level me up soon and add to my power, magic and experience points in your great abundance!”

  3. Thanks, fellows. (And, Norbert, I’d rather hear your reviews than Mr. Ebert’s anyday.)

    As for the idea that the collapse of the wave function represents reality efficiently “rendering” only as needed for user experience, I think I’ve just had my mind blown. Never thought of that one! Gets my little speculation subroutines all fired up. 🙂

    So far, it looks as though the show will be worth watching. Thanks, again!

  4. I haven’t seen the show (I have no TV), but no doubt you (Mr. Smith) have seen my recent Commentary for the Living Church of God. I’m more replying to Norbert’s thoughts here.

    It’s not that it’s “politically correct” to say “we can neither confirm nor deny” God’s existence by the tools of natural science. Technically speaking, that’s correct. God cannot be observed, experimented on, or analyzed by human reason on our initiative. What the atheist doesn’t want to admit is that we nevertheless can infer His existence as the best explanation of the available facts. And after doing so, we can then take His existence as axiomatic and learn (to our great delight and reverence) that new facts, as they come in, have an uncanny way of confirming that “the Word of God is the foundation of knowledge”. I hope that makes some sense.

    I’ve been learning about a proposed connection between quantum mechanics, the dream state with its symbolism and our “consensus reality” through (of all things) the study of personality type. I find that very spiritual myself. In fact it sheds light on what Paul was talking about when he discussed (in several places) “the elements of the world”. Leave it to modern man to draw the wrong conclusions about that connection (super-evolved humans running a video game, indeed!).

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