An “Electronic Pearl Harbor”?

As I continue to transform into a super-(in)efficient camp-directing machine (camp starts in five days!), I continue, as well, to transform into a super-effective non-blogger — capable of not blogging for vast periods of time! 🙂

Today, I pause from camp-prep to point those who might be interested to this interesting item I happened to wander across this morning while perusing some news.  It is an old article, to be sure (Nov. 29, 2009) and from an non-standard news source (CSO magazine online), but the title certainly grabbed my attention: “I Was Wrong: There Probably Will Be an Electronic Pearl Harbor.”

The author, Ira Winkler, has been a critic of most “doomsday criers” when it comes to power grid vulnerability but, while he doesn’t want to validate such individuals and while he does think their proclamations were premature, he now thinks that such possibilities are more terrifyingly realistic.  His final comment: “However, I have come to realize that there is gross negligence in how the power grid has been maintained, and how it is evolving. While I will not cry wolf and say it is imminent, I sadly realize that an Electronic Pearl Harbor is now very possible.”

Check it out. It’s a short article, and will likely have some information that many of you did not know.  (Did you know that a malicious hacker can, in some cases, blow remotely up an electric generator?  Did you know that Russian and Chinese intelligence agencies have planted malicious code in the power grid?  Interesting stuff — and by “interesting,” I mean “spooky”…)

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4 thoughts on “An “Electronic Pearl Harbor”?

  1. The article doesn’t get into the big Northeast power outage of several years ago. I live in the Southeast U.S., and it didn’t reach my part of the country because it was detached from the Northeast grid somehow.

  2. texasborn

    Hmm, did you happen to see the 60 Minutes program last Sunday? It discussed that very real possibility! Over 70 years ago, the Soviets boasted that they could do that very thing. The USA is so vulnerable to having all electrical power shut down. It IS scary!

  3. Steve

    Yeah, the reliance on computer technology has sometimes been called “America’s achilles heel.”

    Actually, I worry about a future EMP attack. From what I’ve read it would only take two or four nuclear devices to devastate everything electronic. Not even your car would start. That’s scary.

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