Habakkuk is one late night partier

My poor, poor, neglected blog.  For those of you who have come out here on occasion recently hoping to see something (like, say, the comments I said I would try to post on this whole “artificial life” business), my apologies.

Last week was crazy busy — not that this is a complaint.  As a character says in a movie my family and I have seen many times, “I’m blessed with work.”  But, it hasn’t made for the bloggiest week, to be sure.

And today will be no exception!  I’m mainly writing to say that I’m not going to be writing much. 🙂  I slept in this morning for a good while to make up for my late-Friday-night Bible studying.  I’ve been studying Habakkuk lately, but had taken a break to ensure my sermon and such was ready for Sabbath services.  I was just at the point when I should have gone to bed when I thought, “I think I will look at one more thing…”  Against my better judgment, I did just that, and — wham — ol’ Habby and I are up for another several hours.  (I would figure he prefers Habby to Kukky.)

Consequently, while I was full of fuel all day yesterday during services and a good bit of visiting afterward, I ran out of steam the moment my feet hit the floor of our house.  Last night’s sleep was a good one!

But, it is a work day, today, so I am doing my best to wrap up some family and personal items before evening.  In particular, I am in the middle of finishing out “Intent to Home School” notice required by the State of Ohio, as well as the accompanying “Brief Outline of Curriculum.”  We never had to submit anything like these items in Texas or Missouri, so it is something new.  (And my thanks go out to local folks who have been so helpful to us in getting the process going!)

Meanwhile my Beautiful Wife is out in the garage working on what will become my new desk.  It’s actually just an old table top that we inherited from my father-in-law when they sold their house and simplified their livin’.  But Beautiful Wife figured that with a good, hard coat of gloss/resin on the top to smooth it out and some appropriately sized table legs it would serve as a nice tabletop-style desk for me.  So, this time tomorrow, I should have a completely new surface in my office to stack stuff on!

So, this non-post comes to an end, as Boy #4 reminds me that I have more productive work to do.  (He’s hoping I will finish in time to play chess.)  Whatever you are in the middle of doing as you pause to read this, I hope it is worthwhile!  And I will try to add some posts on more substantive matters next week.

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6 thoughts on “Habakkuk is one late night partier

  1. texasborn

    Mr. Smith, that comment of yours about submitting the required form, reminded me of what I emailed you about the booklet that explained the relationship of the State of Ohio with marriage partners in their marriage ceremony!

  2. Mr Smith I was exhausted reading this. That is not a negative. With all that activity, it is a good thing you have so many family associates to keep you in check………..mate. Sorry for the chess joke. Wonder who wins in that match.

  3. Trish: It wasn’t that much, actually. And I did not get to play Boy #4 that evening, though I did play him last night. And I won! Woo hoo! I can beat my six-year-old at chess!

    Richard: A simultaneous “Ha!” and “Ouch!” for that one! With so many humorous acquaintances, such as yourself, I feel as though Micah-p runneth over…

  4. The comment made me chuckle. You beat your six year old!!!! Don’t let that conquest go to your head…..LOL
    Actually I love chess. Use to play it often. But refuse to play my husband anymore. I like the slow thoughtful methodical way of playing. He likes the rape and pillage. Ugh…….it is no fun. I like the challenge. He wants the throat.

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