Attack of the invisible DNA robots!

Section of DNA
Section of DNA (Wikipedia)

Well, at least microscopic DNA robots…

We have about six-and-a-half toes out the door on the way out of town for this weekend, so this will be a quick one!  But this article I read in the WSJ yesterday captured my attention and I wanted to pass it along: “They Walk. They Work. New DNA Robots Strut Their Tiny Stuff” (link may require registration, I do not know).

Mankind is certainly how to manipulate new elements in God’s creation in ways previously unimagined.  The description of man’s capabilities before the Tower of Babel comes to mind: “[N]ow nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them” (Genesis 11:6).  Of course, given the thought of man’s nature combined with his technological prowess, another verse comes to mind as well: “And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened” (Matt. 24:22).

Have a great Sabbath and weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Attack of the invisible DNA robots!

  1. What they’re not telling anyone is that those are really Borg nanoprobes. As so the assimilation of Earth continues: first with the iDevices to interlink us on the outside, and now the nanoprobes to mess with our very insides…

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  3. Mr Smith
    I always enjoy your sermons. I am a member of the Minneapolis, MN congregation. I have read one other of your blogs and found it short, interesting and not overdone. Perhaps I am just cynical. I do wish so much to find a positive purpose in man’s mind where some technology is concerned. But it seems reality shatters that illusion too often. I guess the minds of some must always be of a scientific nature and their promises that it will not be used for harm against the planet, the animals or man is their disclaimer that creates usually a false hope. I want to find something good. But know that unless the minds of man are changed to God’s thinking, there are too many who contrive to create evil out of something that potentially could be a help. I enjoyed this blog. Happy Sabbath to you and your family.

  4. This is so eerily scary to me. Sends tingles down my arms. How would one destroy one of these freakish attackers? For everything created it seems there is something to destroy it eventually. So Johanan get to work creating an anti DNA Nanobot.

  5. @Trish: It’s well to remember that so-called “scientific thinking” is really just the thinking we all use in Satan’s world, but in systematic terms: observation, experimentation, but human reasoning, but apart from divine revelation. (I’m sure you remember Mr. Armstrong pointing that out. 😀 )

    Still, there is the individual element to consider. Some personality types that get into science are weak at taking personal and group values into account, and so don’t weigh the social ethics of their actions sufficiently; and some types that can take such values into account easily are crazy enough to try anything once, simply because their own values (as opposed to God’s) are so strong. Strange how that goes…

  6. John
    I apologize for not being pointedly specific. Yes we do use scientific minds in this world. I am of the belief that using our minds in a scientific way to create something that will benefit the world, the environment, the plants and animals and oh yes, mankind is a good thing. I don’t see it as bad. God gave us minds to observe, ponder, create. But it is Satan’s influence that we allow to taint that which could be used to serve as a vessel of good. Hence it becomes a weapon of destruction to others {environment, plants animals people}. When I explored and pondered the avenues of how much radiation exposure to astronauts would it take to affect the production of antibodies in their system exposing them to elevated levels of illness, infection etc…. I was a full blown scientist at heart. I really wanted to find something that would benefit animals or people in space travel. And I achieved levels of recognition from the Navy, Army and other Medical Research institutions. Not everyone who uses that scientific mindset is allowing Satan to taint their work. But some just can’t seem to resist. That was what I was implying by the term “so called scientific”. In the name of science they say it will benefit, but it is more that they want to force us to ingest their maladjusted idealogies as something good. That taints the term scientific. It is the mind of the scientist, not science and the profession that is bad.

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