Short & Sweet from Langston Hughes

Well, one quick Poetry Corner entry, today!  I have a different sort of entry planned for tomorrow, and I only have about 10 minutes now before I have to run out the door.  So, I decided to include the following poem by Langston Hughes, which was suggested to me by blog post reader:


Oh, God of dust and rainbows, help us see
That without dust the rainbow would not be

A nice demonstration that make-you-think poetry doesn’t have to be long!

I will try to wrap up all this Poetry Corner stuff tomorrow with an article (as opposed to an actual poem).  Again, it will be a different sort of entry: anticlimactic for some, geek joy for others.

One thought on “Short & Sweet from Langston Hughes

  1. “…Anticlimactic for some, geek joy for others”?

    Don’t tell me. Let me guess. Something to do with the iPad, or the iPod, or the iPhone, or the iFruit (gratuitous FoxTrot reference), or the iStick, or something else to make us think, “i’M Tired”… 😀 😉

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