Multitasking on the iPhone? Don’t tease me…

Well, it looks as though multitasking on the iPhone is finally becoming a reality. And wireless connection to keyboards? Why, a few more changes and I might finally allow myself to think of my glossy little rectangular companion as a full-fledged pocket computer. 🙂

Here’s an article on the change: Apple iPhone soon to get long-sought multitasking

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5 thoughts on “Multitasking on the iPhone? Don’t tease me…

  1. And when that happens, with the iPhone or anything else, that event just MIGHT change the world…at least until the Mother of All Electromagnetic Storms knocks out the power grid, the Internet, and (I hope not, but one never knows) the safety locks on our aging ICBMs. 😦

  2. Brian L

    Already have all of that on my Palm Pre, plus excellent coverage range. Also, WiFi (not sure if iphone has that or not). The multi-tasking was one of the main reasons (though not nearly the only) I got the Pre. I have been very pleased with it from day one. Verizon now offers a Pre also, if you want even better cell coverage. There are tons of free apps available also. Just FYI. We do not yet have a full keyboard available- as you are aware there are no bluetooth keyboards available yet. However, we do have a physical keyboard already (as well as a touchscreen one available too).

  3. Thanks, Brian! The iPhone can access WiFi, but I wish it could tether with my computer (actually, it can, but AT&T won’t let it) — I really miss that with my Windows-based phone. The app that’s out now for, I think, the Palm Pre that makes the phone a WiFi hotspot is a wonderful idea that could be done so easily on the iPhone but just isn’t there — again, because it seems the powers that be simply don’t want to allow it, yet.

    The unnecessary restrictions on the iPhone are part of why I have a hard time thinking of it as a true “pocket computer.” I love it, don’t get me wrong, but they need to unleash it instead of artificially stifling it. Only market pressure seems to be able to force Apple to loosen its grip a bit and allow the iPhone to become, inch by inch, what it could actually become.

  4. Dear Mr. Smith,

    Be careful what you wish for, you might get it…don’t you know that the iPhone is actually a Borg plant and only Starfleet Intelligence has kept the lock on its use so far??? 😀 Get that thing going and that’s one step closer to humanity’s complete assimilation by stealth…

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