A “Bye-ku” for a family computer

a big splash of tea
many tears and much sadness
rest in peace, MacBook

(UPDATE, 4/4/2010: See happy update here!)

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8 thoughts on “A “Bye-ku” for a family computer

  1. Thanks for the sympathy! In response…

    1. Data was last backed up about 10 days ago.
    2. Hoping HD is OK and can be copied to new one to be purchased.
    3. Splash occurred when boy placed glass of tea too close to Mommy’s computer and brother dropped a book.

  2. Troy Riggs

    sooo you never said which boy was the one who did the deed, and I wonder if you put him up to the task 0f ridding you of the dreaded mac. When I would ask if something could be done on a computer ” her” reply was MY MAC CAN DO IT, so i wonder…. and tell boy number 2 to be more careful. Dad

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