The real potential of the iPad

Just a quick thought here — hopefully one that will make up for the punches I took at the iPad a few weeks ago (here), whether you think any of my jabs landed or not!

Personally, I think the real potential of the iPad is that — however not-there-yet it may be — it might finally breathe some real life into the “tablet computer” idea so that someone can finally develop the concept in more useful directions and at price points that will work.

This post on last Friday’s Gearlog blog may reflect at least a slight rise in the oxygen levels: “Marvell Unveils $99 Moby Tablet Design.” It will apparently run on either Microsoft Windows Mobile or Google Android and will play (ta da!) Flash-encoded video.  Though I don’t have any particularly high hopes for this item, either, I do hope that it indicates that the wind is finally changing for tablet computing and that the juices are flowing out there for those with the talent, insight, and potential to finally make something of the concept.

(As for Apple’s annoying anti-Flash stance, did you check out FoxTrot last Sunday? Pretty witty…)

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2 thoughts on “The real potential of the iPad

  1. The Moby beats the $200 price point I’d like to see in 12″ laptops. … and the OLPC XO. I saw a $250 Atom based 12″ laptop in search results, but looks like Intel killed off that market.

    Palm Inc had a $99 PDA. By Moore’s law, today’s $99 tablet should have what specs?

    Gearlog says, “Adobe Flash-encoded video“, emphasis added. So can the iPhone with the YouTube player. It doesn’t sound like the full Flash plug-in. The Acer Revo can play 1080p video also, but Flash and Silverlight perform poorly, “… because Flash and Silverlight … don’t use graphics acceleration…” to quote Gizmodo.

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