So, where do you live?

I grew up in coke country, moved here to soda country, and am about to move to pop country.  Where do you live?

10 thoughts on “So, where do you live?

  1. Once, in Coke country I think, I ask for Coke, and they ask, “What flavor” and I say “Coke”. They repeat their question and I answer again with “Coke”. They meant like, Pepsi, Mountain Dew or something. I wouldn’t have said Coke if I didn’t want Coke. So when I ask for a Coke…

  2. My folks are from Pop county, moved to IL and I was born in coke county and now live in soda county. But I drink no soda, coke or pop. They are good for garden flowers because of the sugar in them though.

  3. Apparently I live in Brand Name Country. I don’t like using “coke”, “soda” or “pop” (Coke is a brand name), I don’t “Google” something (that is also a brand name) – in fact I can’t think of anything in which I don’t ask for a product by name if I want that product, and don’t use that product name if I don’t.

    I’ve been that way since childhood, when I was constantly reading the ingredients labels on products. And for the record, I’ve moved from Ohio to Tucson, AZ. to Southern and then Northern California and finally to Southeast Texas, where I am now.

    Just doing my bit to hasten the return of a pure language (Zephanaiah 3:9).

  4. Grew up and spent most of my adult life in Diet Coke country, although Evian was a common alternative. I like it here in pop country much better, but the sugar has popped my belly out a few notches.

  5. Grew up in pop country and now reside in coke country… we have Mountain Dew coke, Pepsi coke, 7 Up coke, Root Beer coke… etc…

  6. Zono Riggs

    Interesting perspective. I was born in soda country but moved before I recognized it. Coke country is vast as it laid across the great Pacific Ocean as well as being in your area. We came back to pop country and then settled again in soda country. For the longest time I thought they were referring to the unflavored soda that is used in mixed drinks also known as tonic water I believe.

  7. Born in Rome NY where if you asked for a soda they asked you what type or flavor you wanted. Moved to Ohio where if you asked for a soda they came back carrying one of those icy drinks from a machine and with a sigh you paid for it and smiled because you realized that you were the one who forgot to ask for pop. Then I moved to coke land for a litte while and wasn’t sure I should ask for anything; one day I asked for iced tea and they brought me some liquid sugar in a fancy tall glass. I’m now back in pop land; since I don’t like drinking soda, pop or coke, I’m safe with my coffee.

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