Germany taking the reins?

Great video on Stratfor’s YouTube channel discussing Angela Merkel’s fiscal policy statements on Wednesday.  Essentially, she argues that (1) the Eurozone needs the ability to kick out those member states that do not follow the establish fiscal policy, and (2) Germany should not have to do things that weaken its own economy (reducing its exports) because other economies might be weakened.

This comment from Stratfor’s Eurasia Analyst Marko Papic was interesting from a prophetic perspective:

“We’re seeing Germany shedding its Cold War mentality. It’s reasserting itself as not just an economic powerhouse that writes the checks and underwrites the EU financially, but it’s also taking the reins, and that’s really what the statement is all about.”

Here’s the video:

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One thought on “Germany taking the reins?

  1. Hello Mr. Smith,

    Hope you’re doing well and getting geared up for the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread. Thanks for helping to “watch” with this helpful information.


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