Prager asks: “Is America Still Making Men?”

I just read this great article by Dennis Prager, passed on to me by my wife who, in turn, got it from someone else on Facebook. It’s a bit old (came out last January) but the question is as current as ever.

Mr. Prager’s comments are a bit blunt, but they are accurate.  Here’s the article: “Is America Still Making Men?” (Warning: It does contain one “FCC-approved vulgarity,” used to put a popular slogan of the 60s into perspective as a juvenile absurdity.)

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3 thoughts on “Prager asks: “Is America Still Making Men?”

  1. rakkav

    Harsh and blunt? Mr. Praeger could’ve gone further in his content (against homosexuality, for example), and his tone suited his subject perfectly. His one lapse into vulgarity does manage to put his point into perspective: what the famous 60’s saying often really meant in practice. (Even Biblical Hebrew has what can only be called vulgarity of that sort, even if most of the time it’s softened by euphemisms. Consider Saul’s rebuke of Jonathan for Jonathan’s loyalty to David.)

    I must apologize on behalf of those of my temperament for our making American society so “girly-girl”. (wry smile 🙂 ) It turns out that in every era of the world out of which the Church comes and in which it works, one of the eight “Jungian” cognitive processes predominates in all its potential strengths and weaknesses. Ironically the one that predominated in the last era – decision-making according to strictly personal values – could be turned either to make very responsible men and women or else very irresponsible ones by Mr. Praeger’s definitions. If the latter, it tended to effeminize men – as Mr. Praeger (who obviously isn’t of my temperament) rightly points out. And now we have another cognitive process predominating, decision-making based on group values, which is making what happened in the last era increasingly difficult to talk about due to political correctness.

  2. Howdy, Mr. Wheeler —

    I agree: Mr. Prager’s comments are blunt in places but not at all harsh. I edited out the “harsh” in the post but left the “blunt.”

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