Old Obama “Boys Only Basketball Club” story

Anyone remember the hoopla (slight pun intended) that erupted in October 2009 in some quarters when women were annoyed that the President preferred to play basketball only with other males?  Probably not, huh.  Regrettably, the Washington news has only gotten worse and more legitimately troubling sense then.

Well, I came across an old bookmark about the “Boys Only” kerfuffle that I’ve been holding on to and thought that, in light of yesterday’s post linking to Dennis Prager’s lament on America’s diminishing ability to produce men, it might be nice to read of a woman writing for the Washington Post who at least believes that there is a difference between men and women.  At least it’s a start.

Here’s the story: “Obama vs. the full PC press” (seems to be subtitled “Don’t cry foul over Obama shooting hoops with the boys”).

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4 thoughts on “Old Obama “Boys Only Basketball Club” story

  1. Finally, rationality (even though tempered by hemming and hawing here and there). But we’re still seeing biblical prophecy fulfilled where it counts (RSV somewhere in Isaiah): “My people – children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, your leaders mislead you, and confuse the course of your paths.” (And in the next American presidential election year, both wings of the Powers That Be may be proving the point, with the historic pitting of one woman POTUS candidate against another.)

    And while in a truly Christian nation it wouldn’t matter the electrons it takes to say this (because the rules would be different than in ancient Israel), isn’t there something in Deuteronomy about not letting someone who isn’t “your brother”, that is, of your own people, rule over you as king (or these days, king-equivalent)…? How un-PC is that? It would be tantamount to saying our claim that the US is uniquely founded on a political ideal and not on ethnicity is a sham. But then, if God says something like that to His own physical people, it just might be worth paying attention to it…

    How would you address these issues without causing NEEDLESS offense?

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