A few post-Sabbath thoughts

Just a quick post for all of those out there in the Living Church of God who have concluded a church-wide fast this evening.  I pray that the Sabbath was profitable for you!

Photo courtesy of USDA Natural Resources Conservation ServiceI’m up late tonight putting the final touches on the Public Bible Study I am doing tomorrow for Tomorrow’s World subscribers in the Lebanon, Missouri area.  I’m excited!  Your prayers for a great turn out and for opened minds would be much appreciated!

This really is a thrilling time to be doing the Work of God, and those out there who persist in the odd, unbiblical belief that Christ has closed the door for the gospel to go out with power and passion need to rethink and reconsider and to open their eyes to the evidence.  The fields really are white for harvest (John 4:35) — may the Lord of the harvest send out more laborers (Matthew 9:37-38)!

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5 thoughts on “A few post-Sabbath thoughts

  1. Melissa

    Our fast went well….my 9 year old fasted the whole day for the first time and I was very proud of her…and she felt happy to have accomplished such a task 🙂

    Is there anyway we can be involved in the Public Bible Study, or get a copy. It sounds very interesting!

  2. ilonka

    the dvd’s we had today for both the sermonette and sermon by mr. meredith were powerful. simple, straightforward, one could say it was the plain truth. we are at a momentous crossroads and i am excited to see what each day will bring to each of us individually and collectively in God’s church.
    will pray tonight for great success for tomorrow’s public bible study.

  3. Colette

    The fast went well and God answered my prayers during the fast. I know and am very thankful for the miraculous healings and interventions that God has performed in the Church. In my personal life He has taught me to never doubt Him or wonder if He is with me because He answers my prayers in the little things always. I am always in awe when He does it since it is proof to me that He is involved in every area of our lives.

  4. Bruno M. Ayala

    I had a chance and blessing to be able to attend my first Bible Lecture in Mr. Lowe’s Atlanta congregation with Dr. Franz and others. The Lecture was conducted by Mr. Ames last Sabbath 2/28/10.

    It was incredibly inspiring for me!

    Prayers for you and the great success of the entire day in every way Mr. Smith!


    Bruno –

  5. Sherri Wimberly

    Yes, the whole day seemed very profitable and we are all very much willing to pray for brethren who are scattered from us – people we have loved and shared with and for whom we long with all our hearts. And my prayers will be for you and the Bible Lectures tomorrow in Lebanon MO………the fields are white with harvest and we want to be a part of this great work – our food and drink – to finish the work our God has given us to do………for healings and so forth to begin on a larger scale – so people will be drawn to hear the only hope the world has – the gospel message and warning concerning the end time. I pray for God to fill you and the other ministers up (and all of us too) with His Holy Spirit and that it will spill out into the world as the color of light and bring out God’s flavor as salt does on food. Yes, Mr. Smith – yes………it was a very profitable Sabbath and hopefully our prayers go up before God as incense – we want to be like Isaiah, “here I am, send me.”

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