Global Warming debate affecting Evolution in schools?

Just a quick news item for the interested.  It appears that a growing number of challenges to teaching anthropogenic global warming in schools as a “settled science” are appearing in legislative meetings, school boards, courtrooms and such.  In some cases, the effort finds common cause with those who wish scientific controversies related to evolution to be taught, as well.

Read the same article I read here: “Darwin Foes Add Warming to Targets” (New York Times, 3/3/2010).

And for a great article on “Global Warming” from a current events, biblical, and prophetic point of view, head on out to the online version of the Tomorrow’s World magazine and read “Here Comes the Sun?” by Mr. John Meakin.

(In unrelated news — OK, slightly related news — I notice my Tomorrow’s World telecast on “Seven Signs of the Antichrist” is currently up on the website!  I forgot that it was airing on television this weekend.  Click on over to watch it early or check your local listings for air times in your area!)

Darwin  maaaaaaaFoes Add Warming to Targets

2 thoughts on “Global Warming debate affecting Evolution in schools?

  1. rakkav

    Of course, with “evolution” it’s really a matter of the philosophies of naturalism and scientism being palmed off as “(settled) natural science” – making that subject much more pernicious IMO than any debate over pure climactic science.

  2. Zono Riggs

    Watched the your TW telecast. Wow! What a hook. The only thing you left out is “enquiring minds want to know”!!!
    People will accuse you of preaching a “conspiracy theory”.

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