Are Wind Turbines Hazardous to Your Health?

I’d like to develop this into something for the Tomorrow’s World magazine or website, but for now a bit of undisciplined blogging will have to do.

There is an article today on the Wall Street Journal online by Robert Bryce titled “The Brewing Tempest Over Wind Power.” (Those without a subscription — like me, now that it has lapsed — can read the article at the author’s website:

I am familiar with the issue it brings up: many are complaining about health-related problems (headaches, insomnia, dizziness, et al.) they are experiencing and which they attribute to living near “green power” wind turbines.

While it is my understanding that causal relationships have not yet been established between these things and living near clusters of wind turbines, it is very feasible due to the persistent generation of low frequency vibrations.  And the anecdotal evidence is mounting across the globe.  From the article:

In 2007, a phalanx of wind turbines were built around Charlie Porter’s property in rural northern Missouri. Soon, Mr. Porter began to have trouble sleeping. So did his wife and daughter. The noise, he told me, made sleeping almost impossible. “We tried everything — earplugs, leaving the TV station on all night.” Nothing worked. Late last year he moved his family off their 20-acre farm.

Mr. Porter’s story is no isolated event. Rural residents in Texas, Maine, Pennsylvania, Oregon, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France and England have been complaining about the noise from wind turbines, particularly about sleep deprivation. Dozens of news stories — most of them published in rural newspapers — have documented the problem.

Far from isolated incidents, organizations have sprung up in many nations to combat the encroachment of wind farms due to the growing fear of health-related problems associated with them.

The article captures my attention for at least two reasons.

One, the environment and attempts to “green” our approach to living are a hot button topic these days.  Those (few) of you who visit here with any regularity know that I’ve commented several times on the ongoing drama of Climategate and the growing questions surrounding the “settled science” of anthropogenic global warming.  On this topic, you must read the new Tomorrow’s World article on the topic, “Here Comes the Sun?” by Mr. John Meakin.  It’s an excellent article that discusses much of what has been said here (though more concisely!) and which stresses the true concern of the age: eventual theogenic global warming, and its root cause.

But the article also struck a chord with me because it touches on a topic that I find fascinating and a sign of how man needs God: We are too shortsighted.  Even if these wind turbines aren’t generating all of the health issues many believe they are causing, the fact is that — as best we know — there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch (the TANSTAAFL Principle).  We may, now, think that many of these “green” energy producing alternatives are “problem free” but, of course, they are not.  And mankind’s horrifically limited ability to look down through the corridor of time at all the factors that influence such things is always a concern.  What is today’s wonder gadget is tomorrow’s health-destroying menace.

While we have a hard time understanding at the consequences of our actions 100, 50, 20, or even 10 years down the road (see “Rabbits in Australia”), God declares the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10).  Lack of sufficient foresight will be an element in man’s undoing, and stories like this one remind me of just how shortsighted we really are.

Thankfully, Christ is coming — and His vision of the future is much better than 20/20.

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2 thoughts on “Are Wind Turbines Hazardous to Your Health?

  1. Wind turbines potentially hazardous to your health? What next? (And here I buy my power from a company that uses nothing else.)

    Why do I get the increasing feeling that our technical society is simply unsustainable no matter what we do? Or is it simply because (like the universe generally) our society was never meant at any stage to be without Divine guidance and intervention?

    “Thankfully, Christ is coming — and His vision of the future is much better than 20/20.”. Uh, yes…would that be 20/n when n approaches zero? 😀

    And why are we both blogging the day away? 😀

  2. Why can’t we all use nuclear and be done with it? It’s clean, except for waste; quite, except for high voltage equipment; and safe, except for disaster like 3 Mile and Chernobyl.

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