History flows through the channel of prophecy

My thanks to CT who, though ill and unable to attend services this past Sabbath, had sent me a wonderful link to Stratfor’s YouTube channel:

(You can click on the image to go to the page itself, where, if you have a YouTube account, you can subscribe to Stratfor’s content.)

Stratfor’s George Friedman makes a few comments and elaborates on Poland’s current dilemma, highlighted by the recent Ukrainian election, and on the “Greece crisis” in the Eurozone which is forcing Germany to take a position of power that it has, in a sense, been quite reluctant to take. Here are some quotes from the video (my own transcription):

“If the European Union bails out Greece — Spain and Portugal, as well, in some way — the leading power behind this will be Germany. And Germany will be in the forefront of setting the rules by which the Greeks, for example, behave in the coming years.”

“Whoever is chancellor of Germany will hold a decisive voice in Europe. And Germany is now at a crossroads — it has, since World War II, tried to be one European nation among many, in spite of the size of its economy and its influence, it is now emerging as a country that can no longer hide its strength.  The Greece crisis is flushing Germany out. And so the German chancellor is now going to have to take a different tone, one not so much in concert with other countries as defining the concert and dictating to other countries. This I regard as a critical historical moment.”

“From my point of view, NATO is a historical fossil. It was created to deal with the Cold War. The Cold War is over, its mission is lost. The military capability of the United States’ European allies is limited. There are very few mission that it can carry out successfully and many of the contributions of the Europeans to Afghanistan and other places are more symbolic than real, although some are substantial. NATO, itself, I think, is passe, but the need for a European defense system is NOT. I do not think the Europeans are going to create this defense system on their own — I think it will emerge out of bilateral agreements between the United States and various countries in Eastern Europe, particularly Poland.”

Again, the whole video is worth viewing — Stratfor’s comments always seem insightful and are of interest to anyone with an eye on geopolitics.

Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS.But what struck me was the way history must flow through the channel of prophecy. We in the Living Church of God do believe that Germany will lead a united Europe and that the forces of the East — Russia, et al. — will grow in power. (We believe that there will be a coalescing of power south of Jerusalem, as well.) And here we see highlighted a shifting and concentrating of powers in Europe and Asia and circumstances beyond their control beginning to place the reins of power within German hands.

The pace of the river may not always be what we would hope it to be or imagine it should be. Sometimes it seems tediously slow, other times frighteningly rapid. Sometimes it will flow in a straight and predictable direction, other times it will curve and bend more tightly than you could imagine.  Regardless, the channel determines the river’s course. And history will follow the course laid out by biblical prophecy.

(I am reminded, too, that as rivers ultimately take you to the sea, the flow of history will ultimately take everyone to one place, as well.)

We have a number of publications on prophecy.  Check them out at the Tomorrow’s World website!  In particular, consider one of these booklets:

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One thought on “History flows through the channel of prophecy

  1. Alex

    I actually read the corresponding Stratfor report… and found it very interesting, in light of what will happen in Europe.

    For anyone who is interested, you can subscribe Stratfor’s free email updates.

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