Previous Post Potpourri!

Busy day, today (spending it with the family after being absent for much of this week) and what’s on my mind at present I would rather wait until tomorrow to discuss.  So today I present a Previous Post Potpourri!  The following links are those that seemed to catch someone’s fancy in the last few weeks or so (call them “reruns” if you will).  I’ve thrown in a few new links for some added benefit.  And, as a bonus at the end, I give you my highly anticipated, very technical, and thoroughly exhaustive review of Apple’s new iPad.

  • The State of the Union speech hasn’t changed my opinion of the state of our union, I’m afraid, and I still believe that Peggy Noonan really did a fair job of hitting the nail on the head in her October 29, 2009 opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal.  I discussed it in my post “A Nation Run by Callous Children” and will note, here, that you will see a similar theme in her piece published online today, “The Obama Contradiction.”
  • It generated more talk on Facebook than it did out here on the blog, methinks, but it’s apparently an issue many are talking about: “Spanking bans, good idea or not?”
  • Yes, my children will be taking over the chess world soon.  We discussed their marvelous and innovative chess strategies here.
  • The post “‘Avatar’ and, believe it or not, 2012” on worldwide academic acclaim for providing a much-needed phrase to the English language: “naked space smurfs.”
  • I’ve been linking to the Living Church of God’s countdown of 2009’s most downloaded items, and I realize now that I have missed the publishing of #8 & #7.  Here they are!Top 10 Website Downloads in 2009: #8 (click here) & #7 (click here)

And, finally, as I promised, I present my exhaustive, in-depth technological review of Apple’s new iPad:  Bleh. It’s just a giant iPhone.

(My apologies for the technological lingo I had to employ in that extensive review.  Some nuanced concepts can only be communicated through the specialized and somewhat esoteric words that are specific to a technical field.)

That’s it, and I apologize that you had to sit through this post — I’m in a bit of an odd mood, today, and I suppose my posting reflects it!

Have a wonderful Sabbath!

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5 thoughts on “Previous Post Potpourri!

  1. Chris Johnson

    thanks for allowing me to become a friend on FB. Now I get these automatically. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I get stirred up and thankfully sometimes I laugh. Have a great Sabbath, Smith family.

  2. Hi Mr. Smith,

    And here my highly developed technical impression was that the iPad is just a big iPod touch. 😀

    I didn’t own an iPod touch (sic) until late last May; now I think it may own me. Am I assimilated by the Borg? Yes (maybe it should be called iBorg for that reason). I love this little tool. I probably would love the iCollective, er, the iPad too if I had the money for it and the justification for using it. As it is, I’ll wait and see how it develops.

  3. The iPad is neither and both an iPhone and iPod touch. It offers the option of 3G data network with GPS, but not a phone. I think it’s targeting DVDs like the iPod did for CDs. It could be a useful computer alternative for a few computer novices with it’s web and email support, even iWork office apps.

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