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Brief and very random post today.  But… Big Trak!  You know?  BIG TRAK!  When I was a wee laddy the Big Trak was one of my favorite toys.  And I have had an opportunity today for a brief few moments to relive the glory of being a Big Trak driver by stumbling across a link to its Wikipedia entry, which led to the Big Trak Homepage as well as to a fellow who has done an amazing job reverse engineering the Big Trak (click on the picture to go to his website).

If you were a child in the U.S., the U.K., or Europe during the 70s (like I was) perhaps you remember this great toy.  If not, maybe the American commercial will spark your memory (available at

I know Paul said that when he became a man he put away childish things (1 Cor. 13:11).  But it doesn’t mean I can’t blog about them, right?  And it’s OK to wish I still had one, right?  I mean–for my kids, you know.  Yeah.  The kids.

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4 thoughts on “BIG TRAK™!

  1. I vaguely remember hearing about this, but never saw one until now. MOST impressive.

    Some time I’ll have to send you Linda V. Berens’ evaluation of what the four temperaments require in terms of play. Oh, what am I saying, I’ll do it now:

    Catalyst (that’s me): Fantasy, empathic relationships
    Theorist: Skill improvement, work as play
    Stabilizer: Observances, reward/ritual
    Improviser: Excitement, life as play


    While we all have all four needs, we each have one of these as a “sine qua non”, as determined by our “core temperament”. Which fits you the best, Dear Sir? Maybe you’re a Catalyst with a strong Theorist backup, like me?

    (Psst! I collect my own toys, thank you very much, as partial inspiration for creative writing in speculative fiction. It’s very effective to have such props – I wish I had one of those Big Traks as one such prop, but where would I store it?)

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