Powerful new chess strategies!

Ah, the welcome rest of life after sundown on Friday!

I hope all of you are well.  As I wind down, it occurs to me that I should write about two new strategies invented by my little chess geniuses earlier today.

I’ve written about these startling inventions before.  (Click and witness the stupor-inducing power of the “Turncoating, Move Inventing, and Turn Skipping” strategies!  Feel awe in the presence of “Power Pope!”)

Earlier today, I had the chance to play against those same two boys who created these incredibly insightful strategies, only to learn two more.

Boy #3 stunned me just as I thought he was in checkmate by unleashing the terribly effective “King Karate Kick,” in which the trapped king jumps up and knocks over the king-who-previously-thought-he-would-win.  A real game changer, to be sure, and a move I will have to be on defense against in the future.

And even earlier in the same day, Boy #2 caught me absolutely off guard when — again, just as I thought I was gaining the upper hand and moving in for the win — he brought out the attempted-only-by-experts move, “Throw Your Prisoners At Them,” in which every piece of mine he had previously captured became projectiles used to knock down my unsuspecting pieces.  Sheer brilliance, and an ingenious use of resources.

I reflect on these things this Sabbath evening and agree with the Scriptures that “Children are a heritage from the Lord” (Psalm 127:3).

At the very least, they can certainly improve your chess game.

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4 thoughts on “Powerful new chess strategies!

  1. Too funny, Mr. Smith! Although these allegedly enlightened and enlightening strategies make me think of quite a few other scriptures, such as “Train up a child in the way he should go…”, “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child…”, and so on. (Don’t forget to read the last halves of these verses and others. 🙂 )

    I am trying desperately to remember if I ever did anything so counterproductive when I played Yahtzee and other board games with my mother and twin sister. Frankly, I don’t think my mother would’ve allowed parallel tactics in these games any more than in chess (which she didn’t play). And while no ball was ever screwier than I was as a kid, I can’t for the life of me think of applying said aptitude at chess at any time. Like Captain Kirk, I aspired to play annoying chess, but not *Kobayashi Maru* style! 😀

    That said: My nephew Christopher played a lot of chess with a computer program and became his family’s champion – none of his adult relatives could beat him. He beat me too…the FIRST time. In the next two times, I started by mirroring his moves exactly until he made a mistake, then moved in for the kill.

    Both times, Christopher employed a creative strategy of his own afterwards. He overturned the whole chess board.

  2. Mr. Smith,

    Wow! I’m going to have to start keeping a file folder on all these killer new moves. Thanks for making these available to the rest of us.

    Sincerely, Deano

  3. Steve

    Not quite the same, but I played a game of Monopoly with my 8 year old nephew. I didn’t try very hard to win. I just enjoyed hanging out with him. The kid took me to the cleaners. After the game he looked at me and said, “nice doing business with you.”

    The gloves come off, next time.

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