Death penalty for children

I am currently pressed between tasks, but just noticed this and thought I could post it quickly.  It seems that an old commentary I had written for Tomorrow’s World and the Living Church of God has been re-posted today.  Here are the first three paragraphs — for the rest you can click the link at the end:

Most states in the U.S. practice a programmed sequence of events to execute their most violent convicted criminals. There is an injection to anesthetize and take away pain and consciousness, a second injection to paralyze the body, and a third to stop the heart of the unconscious individual –- a process designed very carefully to give the condemned offender an opportunity to die pain-free and with dignity, as one who had died in his sleep.

That said, the efforts are continuous by some to have this method done away. Focusing on the fact that the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens freedom from cruel and unusual punishment, some argue that even if the procedure is performed properly there is a possibility, however slim, that the criminal may still feel pain before he dies. These groups argue, essentially, that if there is even a remote possibility of a sensation of pain or suffering, then the procedure should be declared “cruel and unusual” and be banned.

Yet many of the very same individuals pressing for an end to the death penalty and for absolute guarantees that convicted, violent criminals are able to leave this world pain free show no regard for the life in the womb, and the pain that unborn child may feel in the process of abortion.  [To read the rest, Click Here…]

The commentary is straightforward and a bit graphic, and it may offend some, but I believe it is a point worth making.

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