Technology and the New “Me” Generation

Some meditation on the impact our current, popular technologies on our social graces and such — worth reading, perhaps: “Technology and the New ‘Me’ Generation” at the WSJ.

(For those who would like a not-exactly-related but more positive scientific thoughts on the effects technology is having on us, try this Discover article from earlier this year: “How Google Is Making Us Smarter.”)

P.S.  The touch of irony in linking to the above commentary on a blog and adding links to social media at the bottom is not lost on me. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Technology and the New “Me” Generation

  1. Norbert

    When it comes to the awareness of social graces, it’s much like the awareness of the Bible. People are aware of it to varying degrees, some with little or none at all and others who are moreso educated. Much like numerous Atheists understand to varying degrees about what they know of the Bible message.

    I imagine that some people will read Rachel’s commentary and would say if she believes that most people who are facebook users actually expect most of their 1000’s of friends to show up at their funeral. That if she believes facebook users believe technology actually supercedes in person communication. Then is she that needs to get a life and has lost touch with reality.

    Much like Bible awareness, I would say all technology has done in the area of discussion is provide more opportunities for an individual to either show a respect for or ignorance of social graces. That technology by itself isn’t even required for a person to have a false perception of the self, because that can be done by a person on their very own!

    That second article is rather interesting for the bigger question it asks within the first paragraph.

    “Where does the mind stop and the rest of the world begin?”

    I would say Albert Einstein offers a very good explanation between the mind and what is available to it at any given time within history past and present.

    “Never memorize what you can look up in books.”

    And perhaps if he were alive today, he may of added “…and Google” to the end.

    Keeping both in mind, that is also scripturally correct in one sense. That is if a person can believe, “… I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts…” (Jer 31:33)

    People are like books, living works that as each day progresses have the opportunity to add to their chapters from the world they live in. And I would say the most intriguing chapters that can be added come from beyond the world, through faith and revelation.

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