The post wherein I happily apologize to “immoral vermin”

Some of you may recall that I wrote fairly recently about an unknown someone who was sending me pornographic and racist material through the MMS feature of my phone.  My hackles were raised all the more because my youngest son had seen one of the images before I could get the phone away (thankfully, it did not register) and I was now unable to allow my children to use the phone for fear the anonymous MMSer would strike again.

Well, a week-or-so ago I had a couple of helpful developments in the situation that saw the problems resolved — none of which involved the AT&T Smart Limits, which did nothing to stop the images, since it apparently only works on messages that are purely text-based and text+image messages were not blocked filtered at all (future purchasers beware).

First, Mr. Crockett suggested that I check my iPhone settings to see if I could turn the “Preview” feature off, and, of course, I was able to do that.  This meant that though I would continue receiving the messages (and paying for them), at least they would not pop up on my screen automatically.  That was a relief.

Secondly, the big break: The police were able to help (thanks, Aggie, for the suggestion!).  I had used a pay service and spent a couple of bucks to get the name attached to the cell phone number and was able to help out the officer here who was looking into it for me.  He called the home of the individual and left a message, and he called the police in that area, as well.  The police there spoke to the man in person, and here’s how that went down…

First, the stealth helicopter swooped in with the police ninja strike team and particle-beam cannons at the ready…

OK — that was the part I imagined.  Here’s how it really went down…

The individual was, indeed, accidentally sending me messages as a part of a distribution list that included co-workers.  He showed the phone to the officer who saw my number there but noted that it was connected to a different name — apparently a simple case of entering his friend’s number incorrectly.  The man said that he had gotten my voice mail to tell him about the mistake, but he apparently dropped his phone at that time and either lost the message or the number or the details or something.  Regardless, the police officer said that he was quite contrite and embarrassed about the whole thing and that it was completely accidental.  He promptly deleted my number from his phone contacts in front of the officer so that the mistake would not happen again.

I have no cause to disbelieve the man’s tale, and I hereby publicly apologize for thinking that he was akin to “immoral vermin” or someone with “advanced deterioration in his orbitofrontal cortex.”  I’m just glad that the whole thing is over with.

Now, I plan on stopping my subscription to the Smart Limits feature, as I could really use that 4.99 each month…

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4 thoughts on “The post wherein I happily apologize to “immoral vermin”

  1. “First, the stealth helicopter swooped in with the police ninja strike team and particle-beam cannons at the ready…”

    I was there, man, I was there… *sigh*…

  2. You know, I thought about that. Think of it as something along the lines of Luke 12:47-48… I was much more perturbed when I thought it was someone who seemed to have picked me (and, indirectly, my children) at random for harassing or someone who made a mistake at first who decided to keep it up for the perverse pleasure of causing someone trouble. I can be more understanding of those who are stuck in sin versus those who are actively exporting it to unwilling victims.

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