The real implications of Climategate

Just time for a quick hit: I’ve discussed Climategate before (for instance: here and here).  Much of the media machinery has rolled out to explain how the revelations present in the East Anglia e-mails don’t really change anything, but that simply isn’t true.  Regardless of whether one believes that global warming is man-caused, not man-caused, or nonexistant, one would have to agree that the e-mails are a disheartening look at how unscientific the practice of science can be.  If referred journals are the “Bibles” of the science community, then the Climategate e-mails paint a picture of the science community — climate science, in particular — akin to how Dan Brown paints the Catholic Church.

I only bring this up again because Patrick J. Michaels in today’s WSJ explains this so much better and more concisely than I have.  (Go figure.)  And as one of the victims in all of this, he has regrettable cause to have intimate knowledge.  I link to his article here for those so interested: “How to Manufacture a Climate Consensus.”

One thought on “The real implications of Climategate

  1. I really can’t guarentee this, because it’s been a year or so since I read the article. Okay? But they had a trial in Britain where some guy sued a school district for requiring children to view Al Gore’s film.

    The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff. Al Gore’s film was not a documentary report of the facts, but more like an opinion piece more suited for an editorial page. The court documented several factual errors in the film.

    I could dig the article up, if I were pressed; I suppose. But it’s there.

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