Informed commentary on Facebook’s new changes

Super quick post: Since more and more of those who read this blog seem to do so on Facebook, I thought that this post on the Hannibal Blog might be of interest concerning Facebook’s recent changes: “Facebook flashes your trench coat open.” Thankfully, the post is not as prurient as the title might suggest to some.

I’d love to pursue the comments he has concerning what Facebook reveals concerning the difference in men and women on social networks, but I’ve gotta run!

4 thoughts on “Informed commentary on Facebook’s new changes

  1. Aggie

    Hi Wally, here’s a link to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s take on it:

    Facebook’s New Privacy Changes: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Here’s the quote that made MY blood run cold:

    “These new “privacy” changes are clearly intended to push Facebook users to publicly share even more information than before. Even worse, the changes will actually reduce the amount of control that users have over some of their personal data.”

    Also note, the EFF article has links to two government research papers that prompted Facebook to make these changes; unfortunately, these changes are clearly not for the best.

    Personally, I wouldn’t touch Failbook with a ten-foot-pole, and have been saying thus ever since its popularity really started taking off.

  2. Glory Talbott

    Aggie, that’s where personal decision comes in. If you don’t like facebook, you can feel free not to join ever! I know others like this, that never want to join facebook and they are entitled to that decision.
    I chose to join facebook a couple of years ago. In looking at the new features on facebook, it simply means, more options. BUT you can also choose to keep the all of the old settings or pick and choose which setting you want. If someone can read, they can choose what to choose. My husband kept all of his old settings as that was his choice. I don’t feel the new features (most of which I choose to keep private) is a push for me to be more public. I think it just shows you have an option-for example to publically have a title (status) show OR if you are like me, you can CHOOSE to keep it private. One’s facebook profile can be as private as before. It’s all what you want to make of it.
    Those who are worried about privacy online, need to be careful with emails, etc. Pretty much you have to conclude that anything online may not be private ever (including this blog and comments). If someone doesn’t want people finding them doing wrong things for example: don’t do them!
    I also hear parents are worried about posting pictures of their children online-in case the kids go to the store (alone) and someone knows their name. Personally, I think leaving a child or teen alone is dangerous whether they are online or not! As a homeschooling parent who is around her kids 24/7-I feel they are better protected. Also, I pray for their safety. Not that anything is not fool proof but I refuse to be completely paranoid. My kids and I do listen to computer safety videos and I teach them internet safety. But I also think that not putting them in dangerous situations in our local town is wise either.
    Facebook has opened up some opportunities I would not have otherwise. I have met church people from around the world! I know church shuts ins now-I find this VERY exciting as sometimes it is the only way to keep in touch with these brethren (that live far away and have serious health issues). I know now better who I can pray for (by asking those of others areas what I can pray for in their areas). In the recent flooding in the Philippines during the Feast, I was able to hear firsthand accounts of those who were there and saw pictures of the Feast in the Phliippines. It was neat to put a face to the name! I personally have found facebook to be a HUGE blessing! It has really opened up my world!
    Also, as a person suffering with health issues, when I cannot get to bed at night due to pain-I can get online-read cogwriter, tomorrows world, and see what my Austrailan church friends are up to (since they are up at those hours on facebook;) I can ask how Bruce Tyler is doing and how the Australian work is doing.
    Anyway, I would NEVER try and talk anyone into joining facebook who did not want to. On the other hand, I find it annoying when others who have not joined are so judgmental when they know little about the site and the privacy settings (since they have not joined and gone to the account setting to see how possible privacy really is!) I’m not saying you fit that category (Aggie) but I have come across some who are very judgmental and somehow feel self righteous by NOT joining facebook.
    One thing I keep in mind, is remember when Mr. Armstrong said “It’s not the THING that is wrong but the WRONG USE of it?” Well, I think that would apply to many things including TV, radio, internet, and yes even facebook! 🙂
    Facebook can be used in the wrong way-on the flip side-it can be used in the right way. One has to be responsible and use it in the RIGHT way, just as in how they use anything else!
    The best thing facebook this year, it really helped me out with recently is contacting someone in the St Louis area. I met a wonderful family and stayed with them shortly before the Pre Teen camp this past summer. How did I find out about this family? You guessed it facebook! It has been a blessing to me! And I met this really wonderful family-the mom of the family and I became close friends almost immediately! What a blessing it is to join up with brethren-even though we live so far apart! My family-me, my husband, and our 2 daughters are the ONLY brethren in our local town. Our closest church brethren are 30 minutes away (1 family). The rest are over an hour away. I feel less isolated now-in being online. I’m counting it as one of our many blessings! 🙂

  3. Glory Talbott

    Just a couple more things:
    The gospel can be preached using sites like facebook as a tool-the local people here know more of our beliefs because of the articles I post on facebook and have asked questions. Preaching the gospel and the Ezekiel warning can be obtained further through internet and social networks.
    As a side note: my husband was gone for 5 weeks this summer for work. We were able to chat on facebook IM-this was neat! We both think facebook was helpful in this. And we played scrabble online while he was away-after I got the kids to bed-this was a way to bond with husband even though he was halfway across the country. Of course, it is much better for a married couple to not be apart at all, but this secured my husband’s getting a project that he could take back here and be on for a couple of years.
    Since reading what Mr. Smith posted -the article-about facebook on here-I saw applications were part of the “ugly”, less protection/privacy. I have a thing with not adding applications as I do not know who is behind them (the scrabble app was the exception-I haven’t had any problems with it). One can use facebook without the applications or groups. Again, facebook is exactly what you make it! One can use it foolishly or they can use it wisely.
    This all reminds me of when people were worried about shopping online, using online banking, or using emailing. The unknown at times can seem scary. I remember not trusting ebay or paypal. And being concerned about emailing.
    Have a good evening, I am off to make homemade soup for dinner!

  4. Chris Johnson

    Hey Mr Smith,
    I tend to agree with Glory and Aggie in different ways but I do appreciate the effort you put into getting the information out here for us to be aware of. It is because of this site and one other I can think of that some of us are aware there is a potential problem. Thanks for your efforts.
    Chris Johnson

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