“Behind the Work” Video 2009

It occurred to me that some of you out there may not have seen the Living Church of God “Behind the Work” Video at the Feast of Tabernacles this year or that some of you may want to see it again.  I could understand the latter, as it was an absolutely fantastic production — quality work that honored its subject matter.  Many told me this past year that they liked it even better than the one last year, which, itself, was outstanding production.

Personally, I found the “behind the scenes” look at the Tomorrow’s World program to be fascinating — and I work on the show and see behind the scenes all the time!  In particular, I loved getting to see all the people behind the program whom you never get to see in front of the camera featured on the video discussing the work they do.  Getting to work with them has been one of the greatest privileges of my life, and the amazing things they are able to accomplish with such a relatively small crew is humbling to me.  All the more, because I know that it is not just them, but rather it is God working through them.  It is clearly a labor of love and passion for them — a love and a passion for fulfilling the command of Jesus Christ to get this gospel out to all the world before His return.

Hats off to those who worked so hard on this fantastic “Behind the Work” video!  For those who haven’t yet seen it or who would love to see it again, click on the image below.  (It looks like you could click on buttons in the image and make stuff happen–you can’t.  It’s a grab from a screenshot of the LCG webpage where the video can be watched.  Just click on it and go!)

Click to go to lcg.org video/audio.

If for some reason the screen grab from my wife’s MacBook does not appear above, click here: Behind the Work 2009.

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7 thoughts on ““Behind the Work” Video 2009

  1. Thanks, Dylan! (Wow, you’re fast! I just put this post up!)

    That’s great news, and, again, thanks for all you did to put the video together. It was absolutely a job well done.

  2. Rick Collins

    As I was reading this, I remembered meeting Dylan King in Branson and then the Video the next day. It was very surprising when I saw Dylan on the video which was super cool. I thought at the time…not only is he a very talented Tuba player but he works for The Work.
    I have looked forward to seeing the video again. Thanks for posting Mr. Smith.

    Rick Collins
    Dallas, TX

  3. Ally Maddox

    Thank you for posting that. I didn’t get to see it at Feast, so this was my first viewing. I’ve looked for it on the Church website, but didn’t find it. So this was great. I watched it over my morning cup of coffee. What a great production ~ no wonder everyone was raving about it.
    See ya soon,

  4. Lyndell

    Argh, the video doesn’t work on my iPod touch. Any chance those can be made available in MPEG4 or an iTunes podcast?

  5. I don’t think they are yet, but I do think something is in the works. However, Apple could solve all of this by allowing Flash video on their iPhones and iPods. As much as I thoroughly enjoy my iPhone (the kids and I call it “Artoo”), that is one of the reasons I refuse to refer to it as a small computer. Until such time, it is still just a smartphone to me.

    I’m sure that there are Flash to iPod/iPhone compatible format converters out there.

  6. iPhone is a SMALL computer. Flash is a resource hog. Apple is wise to avoid it. I don’t like it on my desktop, regardless of OS. I installed Flash Block in Firefox to block Flash. A small YouTube in Flash saturates my desktop’s CPU, while QuickTime can play a 480p video. iPhone does include a YouTube viewer.

    SkyFire runs it all through proxy servers.

    Wow, Flash gets my ranter going.

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