Visitors on a Monday morning

Howdy, all, and I hope your post-Thanksgiving weekend was a good one.  (My sympathy to fellow Aggies out there concerning Thursday’s outscoring, though it was personally a good showing for Aggie QB Jerrod Johnson.)

I am a bit frustrated in that I have a list of three things I have been wanting to write about here on this blog since coming back from Charlotte, but other things keep coming up.  Today is no exception and I am not yet going to write about those things, since they deserve more thought than I have time for.

Today, I want to write about the visitors we had this morning.  It’s been seemingly forever since the last time, but we had a couple of “Jehovah’s Witnesses” show up at our door!  That’s always fun.

This was a very well-dressed elderly couple, appropriately bundled up (it’s in the upper 30°s this morning) — very polite, as you would expect.

They asked if I was familiar with the Watchtower magazine, so I said, “Actually, I am a minister on the Tomorrow’s World television program, which is the continuation of the ministry that Herbert W. Armstrong began in the 30s.”  I was hoping they would recognize either the program or Mr. Armstrong, wanting to see the direction in which that would take the conversation.

I don’t know if the comment affected their pitch or not, but the gentleman responded, “Well, then you might be interested in this issue — the cover article discusses ‘Six Myths about Christianity.'”

“Actually, I’ve written a similar article,” I mentioned.  “I’ll tell you what.  I’m not interested in just taking a magazine, but I will trade you one — how about y’all take one of ours and I’ll take one of yours?”

His response: “Aaaahhhh…  I don’t think so.”

Oh well.  I then said that it looked as though their time would be more profitably sent at a different house, and they readily agreed.

I’ve known a number of “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and worked very closely with one in my former life as an actuary.  All of them have been very nice, and this couple was no exception.  But no magazines traded hands today, one way or the other.

But you don’t have to miss out! 🙂  Most of you reading this are already subscribers, but in the event that you’re not here’s the current issue of Tomorrow’s World magazine – always free of charge.  Just click on the picture for the online version.

Tomorrow's World cover

The current issue addresses the 2012 hysteria in the cover story, while additional articles discuss Bible prophecy, religious deception, China, the European Union, the truth about “Christmas,” and atheism, with an additional article about wisdom for our younger readers.

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