Life is fair in the garage

The Smith Family Game Day is underway, making up for the time we were on the road during Thanksgiving.

Our first game today is “Life” (actually, we are currently playing it as I type), and it isn’t going well for my Beautiful Wife.  She chose the college path only to take on $100,000 of debt, become an accountant (sounds good!) with a $20,000 salary (not so good).  The rest of us have jobs that should earn much less, but with salaries multiple times higher.

Our conversation thus far…

Beautiful Wife: “This game isn’t fair.”

Incredibly Wise Husband: “Well, life’s not fair.”

Beautiful Wife: “I’m going to go clean the garage.”

Querying Husband: “Why?”

Beautiful Wife: “Life’s fair in the garage.”

Impressed Husband, thinking to self: “Can’t control… Must… blog… that…”

7 thoughts on “Life is fair in the garage

  1. Jobs that should earn much less, but have salaries multiple times higher? Could you clarify that?

    How about a skilled trade where gross income less educational cost equals a higher rate of return? And lay off those credit cards while you sock away a few bucks. It’ll pay dividends in the future.

    Of course, I haven’t played Life since I can remember…

  2. Clan Leslie

    love this blog!!

    hello to the Smith family from the Leslie crew…hope your
    Thanksgiving was awesome…ours was fantabulous!!

  3. For the record, Beautiful Wife stuck it out for all three games: Life, Rummikub (did I spell that right?), and Monopoly. Boy #3 won all three games which just thrilled him. However, everyone had fun — though, Mom and Dad are pooped! (Dad was Boy #3’s partner in Rummikub, and, thus, got to share in at least a little of the glory!)

  4. Scott

    Another great game for the family is Cash Flow 101. Teaches financial literacy to young and old alike and is similar to the games you have mentioned but is more focused with teaching principles of personal finance.

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