Wrapping Up This Trip to Charlotte!

Well, it’s almost 7:00 AM Wednesday morning, as we are about to wrap up this trip to Charlotte.  I have a photo shoot with the other presenters in about 3 hours, and before that I will do some brief tapings for a different project.

The Tomorrow’s World tapings on Monday went really well, I believe.  My thanks to all of you who said you were praying for that, and I apologize that I am only now writing about it.  I wish I had tightened my scripts just a tad bit more, but hopefully I did not give the editors in the TV department too much they will have to cut to fit. 🙂  And Mr. King’s taping went well, also — a tremendously helpful telecast on the future of Jerusalem.  My two covered the coming Antichrist and took a different sort of approach to evaluating the state of health of modern Christianity.

As usual, taping was a pure joy.  Our hardworking crew is phenomenal in every way — including in their patience, which they need to put up with my antics.  It feels great to work so hard on something you care so much about and then to hand it over to a team of people like that, knowing that it is in such capable hands.

Well, if I don’t shut up this laptop and begin helping with our packing and preparing, I’m going to get into some well-deserved trouble!  We’ve had to alter our plans for driving home to account for a rock slide that has apparently been blocking a certain highway for some time and will take a route that we’ve never taken before — essentially up north to West Virginia and then straight west.

To all in our area, we are looking forward to being back soon!  While I will try to write again soon about some thoughts I have had of late, in the event that I fail to do so before Thursday have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Among other things, I will be thankful for the wonderful team that God has assembled here in Charlotte at the headquarters of the Living Church of God.  They are a blessing to all of us, and their willingness to allow God to work in them and through them for the accomplishing of His work and purposes is apparent.  Take care.

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