And, the scripts are rounding the corner…

I’m now rounding the corner for the home stretch!  Both scripts are technically in a could-use-them-as-is-if-you-had-to state, but not really in the best of shape.  Too long and in need of additional polish and rethinking in places, this is where they enter the “Final Draft” stage.  I almost always do this stage the night or morning before the tapings, and this session is proving no exception.

My good friend in the TW editorial team has been kind enough to be in communication with me today concerning these scripts during what should be his “time off,” and it has been very helpful.  It’s one thing to take a piece of writing and to give it to your editor to have him shrink it to a more manageable length.  It’s another thing to have him both reduce the length and provide the kind of feedback that will greatly improve the quality.  The latter has been the case, here, and it is making my job much easier.  The “Final Draft” stage is normally one that makes me want to pull my hair out (what little I have left), but it looks as though the help I’ve received today will make a real difference.  Thanks, Mr. You-Know-Who-You-Are!  (My hairline thanks you, too!)

So, off to final edits for the shoot tomorrow afternoon, and then to bed!  Mr. King is shooting in the morning (sounds like a great topic, as well!), and I will be shooting after lunch.  For those of you who will read this before or during the tapings, prayers would be — as always — appreciated!

One thought on “And, the scripts are rounding the corner…

  1. I’ll definately ask God to help and guide you & the crew thru this tapeing and future ones. Where would we be without His help ?? Thanks Mr. Smith for your many years of faithful and continued dedication to God & His work !! You are doing a tremendous job !! I’m sure you will be greatly rewarded– FOREVER — !!! Sincerely With Much Love
    Todd Carriles

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