Actuaries as motivational speakers?

As part of my odd devotion to mentioning news items featuring actuaries, I could not help posting this link to yesterday’s Frazz:

My thanks to my Beautiful Wife for discovering it.  And if there are any teachers out there wanting an actuary (er, former actuary turned minister) to speak to their math class, just let me know!  Mortality tables rock!

(BTW: First of my two Tomorrow’s World scripts finally has a completed draft!  I am asking a kind soul to look it over today while I work on the second one for a while.  The draft is clearly about 5-10 minutes too long and needs a complete rewrite for the first 10 minutes’ worth, but it feels great to be at this point.  Taping is tomorrow!)

One thought on “Actuaries as motivational speakers?

  1. Steve in Cincinnati

    “Actuaries as motivational speakers?” That’s either a non-sequitur or an oxymoron – can’t decide which 😉

    btw – “2012, Bible Prophecy and You!” is an excellent piece of work.

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