New Jersey, Virginia, NY, whatever. The real news is in Europe.

Well, the U.S. news is “abuzz” with trying to figure out the consequences of and lessons from yesterday’s handful of elections.  On one hand, Republicans won the two contests for governor in Virginia and New Jersey (they won the contests for Lieutenant Governor, as well, which is important but not as widely reported) against opponents solidly backed by President Obama.  These are heralded as indicators that the “Blue Tide” claimed to be rising in the 2008 Presidential Elections is either slowed, on hold, reversed, or illusory, depending on the analyst speaking at the time.  On the other hand, Conservative Party candidate for a house seat in the NY special election, Doug Hoffman, lost to Democrat Bill Owens, though after “owning” the Republican Party’s hand-picked candidate, Dede Scozzafava.

Republican civil-war?  Blue Tide turning Red?  Democrats need to learn from losses or not?  Republicans need to learn from loss or not?  And with Health Care Reform votes coming, what do the all-important Blue Dog Democrats think about these recent races?

Well, to be honest, as much as I find the above stuff interesting drama on one level, the fact is that the political act of the week that will ultimately impact America much more than yesterday’s races in NJ, VA, and NY didn’t even take place within our own borders…

On November 2, Mr. Vaclav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic, signed the Lisbon Treaty, providing the last act needed to ratify it as binding on all members of the European Union.

The political maneuvering and — let’s call it what it is — baldfaced misdirection and deception that has taken place to get the Lisbon Treaty signed is stunning in its obviousness.  The Lisbon Treaty is simply the previously rebuffed European Constitution with not much more change than a difference in title.  Frankly, even the tiny eyeglasses Clark Kent used prevent others from knowing he is Superman do a better job than any of the miniscule changes made to the European Constitution to hide it as the Lisbon Treaty.  There should be no doubts: Europe has agreed to a common Constitution and nothing less than a Constitution.

Now there will be a European President to represent all of Europe and to set the European Agenda, as well as a European Foreign Secretary and other accouterments normally associated with single nations.  The dream of a European Superstate is more alive and within reach today than it has ever been.

Decisions can now much more easily be made to enforce on all of Europe, without the annoyance of worrying about British vetos.  As the UK’s Telegraph summarizes, “Britain’s power to govern itself is to be surrendered increasingly to Brussels after the European Union’s Lisbon Treaty was finally ratified.”

I would suspect that there will be political ramifications for many in the UK.  As the same article in the Telegraph reports, “Labour won the 2005 general election having promised a referendum on the European Constitution but then dropped the pledge, arguing that Lisbon was a different document,” and, “The Conservatives gave a “cast-iron” guarantee of a vote on Lisbon.”

“But after Mr Klaus signed the text, the Tories admitted that they will not offer voters a say on Lisbon.”

Such are the promises of politicians.

We have taught for years that Europe will become a superstate and that it will supplant the US and the UK as the leading power int he world.  This vote will not remove the “iron and clay” nature of Europe’s strained union (Daniel 2:42-43) — it will take a uniting religion to bring unity to Europe’s citizens (Rev. 13:11-14).  However, the political architecture of Europe is now more supportive for the fulfillment of prophecy than ever before.

And this will ultimately impact America much more than any of yesterday’s elections.

The Conservatives gave a “cast-iron” guarantee of a vote on Lisbon.

But after Mr Klaus signed the text, the Tories admitted that they will not offer voters a say on Lisbon

One thought on “New Jersey, Virginia, NY, whatever. The real news is in Europe.

  1. Norbert

    It is hard to envision how a person’s immediate surroundings have much influence beyond one’s own community and country. But it could be asked, are the actions of a nation much like that of a single person? That what impacts the single person is also what impacts their nation and their relationship with others worldwide.

    I do ask on a practical and measurable scale, are the Europeans moreso than any other power block, rely as heavily on “limited” global resources as the North American sphere of influence? Moreso than the other power blocks even? If somehow a problem were to occur, how much will global consequences that are newsworthy have to do with maintaining a person’s own accustomed standard of living here as well as in Europe?

    You know as far a real news goes, it just maybe the most simpliest issues of human behavior will play as much a role in the unveiling of prophecies as anything that Daniel or Revelation explains.

    Ever wonder what exactly will be the issues, the topics on the table for discussion behind Daniel 11:27? Like it won’t certainly be Gandalf and the Fellowship deciding what to do with the ring, though the metaphor may have implications.

    “Both these kings’ hearts shall be bent on evil, and they shall speak lies at the same table; but it shall not prosper, for the end will still be at the appointed time.”

    Will there be good practical reasons NOT to imagine and perceive that prophecy as the storyline going on at the time things come to pass? It may be better likened to (2 Cor 11:14), to the plain and simple needs, hopes and desires for a better future of the average global Joe and Jane and their children.

    “Where do wars and fights come from among you? Do they not come from your desires for pleasure that war in your members?…” (Jm 4)

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